4 Reasons Every Egyptian Needs to Lose the Winter Weight Now

Via Egyptian Travel Guide

We know, we know. All of us unfortunate souls blessed with a slow metabolism are dreading the fact that summer is near. Summer means hitting the beach, a beach means swimwear, swimwear means thighs and cellulite.


We’ve all had a blast this summer, munching the cold away, deeply hiding in the comfort of our coats. But what happens now that we take them off? Well, one thing that should start happening is losing all the winter shed weight.



Jackets are coming off


Via The New York Times


Next week, the expected temperature in Cairo will reach 30 degrees, our annual meltdown is about to start and jackets are about to be taken off. Let’s face it, this winter was quite harsh and boring, and comfort food was essential. Now we all know where comfort food goes. Yes, you’re right, to our thighs. So, it’s time for a fitness class.



Ain Sokhna season started


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Just last night, Tabla Ein Bay was reopening after a long hiatus. Ain Sokhna is without doubt our third favorite destination after Sinai and Gouna, yet it has the one factor missing everywhere else. It’s a one-hour-drive. And since Sokhna season just started, that automatically means bikinis are back.



Someone out there decided to help us



I just came across such a foodporn-ish restaurant in Kattameya Heights called Be Good To You and we kind of think it will be good to our health. The venue finally offers us all meals that will not leave us regretting our decisions afterwards. All healthy, all delicious and it’s perfect for summer. We’re not sure if it’s overpriced, so we need to check soon.



Drum rolls…… Ramadan is in exactly 9 weeks


Via Egyptian Travel Guide


Oh dear lord. The konafa, basbusa, golash, feteer, Nutella, ma7shy, 7amam and so much more destructing food. Every year its the same old scenario. I’m dieting in Ramadan, I’m not giving up on my soul that easily, then I go to one family gathering and lose my morals. We need to prepare, for Ramadan rather than Sa7el season. For it is the tastiest month of the year.



WE SAID THIS: You’re welcome.


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