4 Arabic Podcasts That Will Finally Get You Hooked on the Culture

Podcasts are one of the most underrated sources of entertainment in the region. Although other parts of the world are embracing the podcast culture, and it’s been around for years, the Arab world is yet to discover what they’re missing out on.

Some might question why we should listen to podcasts when we can just watch videos. However, podcasts waste much less data and battery, and you can actually listen to a podcast while driving. But then again, why listen to a podcast when you can just listen to the radio? The answer is simple, podcasts have more diverse and interesting content; each series has its own topic and target audience, unlike the radio that targets everyone.

Since the podcast culture is slowly picking up in the Arab world, and podcasts are now regularly being produced in the Arabic language, here are some podcasts to get you started. You can find them and others on major podcast providers like Anghami, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.

Vikings: The Nine Realms

Since I’m all about mythologies, this could be hands down my personal favorite. The podcast follows interesting stories and legends from the Nordic mythology.

1000 and One Nights

This interesting podcast follows folk stories and legends from the Middle East. Delve into the tales told by storyteller Scheherazade to her husband, Prince Shahryar.

Dom Tak

This one is for everyone who’s passionate about music in the Arab world. The podcast explores different genres of music in the region and tells interesting stories about artists and their experiences.


Eib is one of the most interesting podcasts that you’ll come across; it tackles all sorts of societal issues and taboos that some still find inappropriate to touch on.

WE SAID THIS: Try them out and let us know which is your favorite!