How Is Egypt Launching a Space Agency When We Don’t Even Have Proper 3G?



Following a meeting that took place this Wednesday with the Council of Ministers, led by Sherif Ismail, Egypt’s government has approved a draft law to start our first space agency, as reported by AlMasry AlYoum. Why? Because apparently it will help in the development of our space science and technology, as well as the ability to launch satellites from Egyptian grounds will serve the state’s strategy in achieving national security.


Even though the project will only accept necessary investments in the framework of the state budget, I can’t help but wonder why is this even a necessity at this point? As much as I want Egypt to thrive in all fields, here are some simple issues that are epically affecting our lives…


Guys, we don’t even have proper 3G, and it’s 2016. We have a currency that is going down the drain faster than the itsy bitsy spider. To ensure your children have a proper education, you need a bank loan. You really, really do. Everything everywhere is unhygienic and dirty. We don’t care how satellites launching from Egypt will help us when our medical and health system is non-existent. We’ve been defending and supporting our dear beloved country for years, through thick and thin, but for God’s sake, enough with the random untimely decisions. Our economy is in for a disaster, space agencies should not be on our priority list.



WE SAID THIS: Ew3a el makook!