20 Thoughts from an American’s First 3 Days in Cairo

A few days ago I threw caution to the wind and packed up my life and moved to Cairo, Egypt from Atlanta, GA. So far it’s been awesome – spent last night eating traditional Egyptian food on the bank of the Nile while smoking shisha and drinking sangria before going to a sweet dive bar to drink Stella (not Artois, just Stella…it’s local, I think?) and eat some bean/pea things.

I have no clue what I’m doing half the time and no idea what I’m ordering to eat most of the time…but hey, adventure! Anywho, here’s 20 of the first thoughts to cross my mind over the last 3 days.

    1. Beef bacon tastes funny

    2. Fast food delivery places are stingy with ketchup packets

  1. The internet sucks everywhere

  2. How long can it possibly take to get a cell phone (sim card) working? (it’s been two days now)

  3. You can totally fit four and a half cars across three lanes

    F*** blinkers when you can use your horn

  4. Why walk on the sidewalk when you can walk down the middle of the street?

  5. Everything delivers


  1. The weather is awesome

  2. The food is delicious (what I’ve had so far, at least)


Falafel, fatouch e babaganoush! #cairo #egypt #sequoiacairo

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  1. I should learn Arabic

  2. Coke cans are shaped like energy drink cans

    and Fanta bottles are funny looking


  1. Apparently, you shouldn’t drink locally made spirits…I’m still gonna try some soon

  2. Beer bottles are HUGE (hooray!)


Night 4 in Cairo. Finally have a phone again…

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  1. There are donkey carts on the road

  2. You can fit a whole family on a motorcycle

  3. Beans for breakfast is a good thing


  1. It’s near impossible to find a “normal” shower head

  2. Things get really dusty really quickly

  3. WE SAID THIS: Welcome to Cairo!