By Mohamed Hadid: Things you Didn’t Know About my Girl Gigi!

The moment we think of modeling, the first one that pops in mind is Gigi Hadid. The moment we say style and beauty, the first thing that pops in mind is…you guessed it, also Gigi Hadid. Well, it’s known that Gigi Hadid is a combination of beauty, style and skills. Before we get into the 20 things you didn’t know about her, and believe us you’ll get surprised, let’s wish a happy birthday to one of the world’s top models ever! Now scroll down to find out more about this amazing human being!

20 things you didn’t know about Gigi Hadid

As a start, her real name is Jelena Noura Hadid

Studied criminal psychology

Huge McDonald’s Fan

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Well, here we can all say, who isn’t a McDonalds fan, right?

Never took a dollar from her parents

All about independency and self-made!

Started modeling for Baby Guess

She was a Jr. Olympic volleyball contender

She was an accomplished equestrian Jr. Olympic contender

Received hundreds of first place wins and national championships, and still rides till today

Has the highest number of Vogue magazine covers worldwide


Unicef USA ambassador

Does not have any tattoos


Loves to cook

Loves Boxing

She starred in a short film, and six music videos

Her mom is her nutritionist

Her mom used to be a model as well

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