Is Nour Arida’s Daughter Ayla, the Ultimate Inspiration for her Latest Fashion Label Generation Peace?

If you don’t know who Nour Arida is, it’s about time you do. The American-Lebanese supermodel is a married mother with a young girl, who made her own fashion line. It’s a brand called Generation Peace, and it’s entirely for kids. All her followers love her posts with her daughter, so to give them a little more, her daughter inspired her to start this brand. Furthermore, hundreds of kids can look as cute as her five-year-old daughter, Ayla. The brand sells clothes for boys and girls, and Generation Peace offers fashionable clothes for children ranging from six months, to 12 years old. She announced the brand on her Instagram account just two days ago!

Nour Arida

Arida resides in Paris and has a huge fan base on social media platforms. On Instagram alone, she has over 9M followers. She has years of experience in fashion as a fashion blogger, and has also worked as a brand manager for multiple fashion labels. While she served as the main face, ambassador, and spokesperson in many campaigns for international brands, she also launched her own brand!

One day before her fashion label was launched, she announced through a video that she would be doing so. Nour talked about the work she put into it and the process of it all. She said that every design holds a message for kids, and their parents, with each piece containing a message of equality, tolerance, and peace. This was done with the help of her designer friend, Rebecca Zaatar. Arida hopes that the brand meets the fans’ expectations, and in the meantime, check out her posts below!

Generation Peace

Via The Generation Peace

Nour’s daughter Ayla models for the brand, and when you open the page, her picture will be the first thing you see. You can also shop online and buy all kinds of items for girls, boys, or even unisex items. At this time, you can buy tops and t-shirts, dresses, onesies, swimsuits, headbands, bandanas, and much much more. All of which are eco-friendly packages!

This marks Nour Arida’s first step into the world of design. She’s been in fashion before, but design? Nah. She’s not just a wife, a mother, and a model. She’s a passionate businesswoman too. Check out the variety of options for different ages and genders.

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