15 Struggles Egyptian Teenagers Will Understand

Adults often look back at their teenage years through nostalgia-filled glasses. They remembers the fun parts — the adventure, the youth, the novelty of everything. What they don’t remember, however, is the lack of freedom and the crazy rules. Here are a few struggles all teenagers living in Egypt can relate to.



Privacy? What Privacy?



You have to deal with the fact that EVERYONE KNOWS EACH OTHER, which means that if you mess up, everyone — their mother, their aunt, their dog, and their neighbor — will find out.




God forbid you be alone with a member of the opposite sex



And if you are, everyone assumes you’re in a relationship and are bringing shame upon your entire family.



When you leave the house feeling fresh in your outfit but you get to your destination and find that you’re meta2am with everyone else



It’s not our fault all everyone wears is a plain shirt and black jeans.



Family members begin talking to you about marriage even though it’s probably over 10 years away



“Nefra7 biki.”



Endless Relatives



Your parents constantly host 3ezomat where you have to make endless small talk with people who you won’t recognize but who’ll still tell you all about how they changed your diapers when you were younger.



Struggling to find a ride to 6 October if you live in Tagamo3 and vice versa



“EH?? 3ayza teroohi 6 October?? Di el na7ia el Tanya men el balad!”



Adults with distorted memories



Having five hours of homework each night and then having the adults in your life tell you how this is the easiest and most pleasant phase in your life while they lounge on a couch watching a movie doesn’t get annoying at all.



Dealing with Ministry Exams



“Here’s everything that’s happened in the last 7,000 years of Egypt’s history. Memorize it all.



Having your parents ask you ten thousand questions before they let you go out



“Ma3 meen? Fen? Leh? Ma3ak jaketa?”



Constant pressure to get perfect grades



“You got a 99%? That’s good but why isn’t it 100%?”



Being a fan of Drake and The Weeknd, but not admitting it in fear of being deemed basic



*Sings “Hotline Bling” internally*



Having adults always tell you about what they did when they were your age



“Ana fesenekkont el 2awel 3al dof3a.”



Having strict curfews



“You’ll be home at 7? No that’s too late. You better be here by 6 o’clock sharp. When
I was your age I was always home by 3 PM”



Having everyone constantly check up on what and how much you’re eating



“Shaklak 5ases.”




Struggling to find a table at Mince Zamalek on Thursdays


And usually ending up on the sidewalk tables.



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