12 Ways To Bring Back Eid Nostalgia

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, is celebrated with partial differences from one Muslim country to the next. Eid in Egypt, however, distinguishes itself from the rest with its distinctive desserts and activities. For new traditions to settle in, old ones must fizzle out. For that reason, there has been an undoubtable shift in how Eid is celebrated amongst Muslims from back in the day, and up until now. So, if you’re curious, or feeling nostalgic for those comfy Eid vibes, those familiar faces, places and tastes, we’re offering you 14 ways to bring this holiday back.

Make homemade kahk

Finding it uncool to spend Eid eve in the kitchen baking kahk? Well, now is the time to forget about that. Whether you like it plain, or mixed with honey, nuts, or ghee, it’s time to sit down with your family and make that kahk! It may be filled with sugar and won’t help you with that summer look, but a few won’t hurt.

Go to the park and have ringa and fiseekh

Contrary to belief, feseekh won’t kill you, and it doesn’t taste THAT bad, at least not to many. Surely it won’t leave you with a pleasant breath, but give it a try. If there’s one thing we know, nothing else tastes like it.

Eat koshary and termes

We don’t eat koshary and termes during Ramadan, because they happen to make us thirsty. Well, now its time to bring that dish back to life, either by nibbling on termes until our mouths are salty, or devouring koshary until it is no longer possible to eat anything else.

Spend the first day with your family

This is a difficult one. Surely, it’s not the norm anymore to spend the first day of Eid with your family. Some prefer going to Sahel or Gouna with their friends. But, maybe reserve this one for family members, and the coziness that comes by spending it with them.

Watch masra7eyat

Whether its Madraset El Moshahreen, El Motazawegoon, Keda Okay, or El 3eyal Kebret, it can actually be fun to connect with long-established Egyptian humor.

Shop for Eid clothes

This one’s the least cool of them all. I’m sure you all remember getting excited about going down to the mall and trying on new clothes. I’m sure you also remember taking pictures in this ‘exciting’ attire. We understand why it might be difficult to do that now. But, at the end of the day, this is a chance to actually enjoy Eid for what it used to be, even with the things that we’re not accustomed to do.

Listen to El Eid el far7a

Remember El Eid el far7a, yasalam? It’s not the trendiest song, but it sure is catchy. Make sure you give it a listen during the upcoming holidays, and perhaps you’ll give yourself the chance to reminisce about old memories.

Give & accept 3edeya

Accepting money is never too old for anyone. After all, it IS money! You might feel too old for it, but there’s nothing wrong with reintroducing it, if not for the sake of money, then for the sake of Eid.

Prepare for salat el 3eed

This one’s a big one for sure. Whether it’s staying up till the morning prayer, or dazing off during the sermon, perhaps one way to celebrate Eid al-Fitr like the good ol’ days is getting ready for the prayers.


Remember that cruise on the Nile, and listening to shaabi music? It’s not a very common tradition anymore, but perhaps it’s worth a shot.

Go to the carnival

Take your children or friends, and enjoy all the rides. It’s crowded and busy, but maybe when you’re up there on the fairground ride, you can look next to you, and remember a day where life was simple.

Firecrackers and sawareekh

This one’s our favorite. It’s childish, silly, and senseless. In fact, the only sense in it existed back when we were kids. But it’s Eid! If you’re not going to blow up firecrackers and sawareekh now, when else are you going to do it?

We get that some of these things may no longer be applicable at the moment with COVID-19 restrictions, but in the interests of taking part in bringing back Eid traditions, give one of these activities a shot. We may have lost these traditions for the longest time, but that doesn’t mean we must forget them forever.

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