12 People You Meet At Every Ahwa

Sitting at the ahwa is a part of every Egyptian guy’s life. Whether you’re in high school, college or an old man, the ahwa is considered a sanctuary where every male goes to unwind, shayesh and forget the troubles of the outside world.

Having taken up so much of every guy’s life, there tend to be the same types of people that you find in every single ahwa you go to.



The super-talented ahwagy



Every time you look at him swerving around the tables, you’re positive he’s going to knock something down. But this guy is skilled with the tray like no one else. He becomes a part of your life and even though you get annoyed from hearing his life history and complaints, he still makes you laugh every single day.



The shisha guy with the superpowers



This guy is so used to dealing with the heat of the coal that his hands are already burnt out. He can hold the burning coal with his bare hands and juggle them around. How he manages to hold up to six 7agar mewala3 in his bare hands, we have no idea!

He knows which flavour you smoke and doesn’t wait for you to ask for a change of wel3a, but brings it himself and forces it on you.



The sales guy



The guy that walks into every ahwa trying to sell some of the weirdest items like key chains, torches or even kitchen utensils!



The older men that only talk about politics



Over their me3asel and tawla, the same conversation is repeated every single day! They constantly fight about the political situation and act like they each have a degree in political science. You’d think with the way they fight, they would’ve lost touch by now, but somehow, the ahwa re-unites them every single day!



The customer complaining about the sugar in his tea



He’s always annoyed and constantly complains about how sweet his tea, yet still manages to drink ten of them, complaining over and over again about its sweetness!



The guy who’s always there



You don’t need to call him and ask when he’s going because you know he’s always the first to be there and the last to leave. You secretly wonder if he ever does anything else in his life.

He’s become so popular at the ahwa that everyone knows him, knows exactly what he orders, when to bring his shisha and which kind of me3asel he prefers.



The guy with his own shisha tools



This guy comes fully loaded with his own lay and mabsam acting like his sense of hygiene is higher than everyone else around him. But we all know it’s just for show.



The guy who curses every time he loses



Whether he’s playing estimation, tarneeb or tawla, it’s always funny to watch this guy play because the entire ahwa knows he’s losing just because of how loud he curses!



The group that talks about football all the time


Mideast Wcup The Politics of Watching

And there’s always one or two at the table who are really pissed, because they just don’t give a damn about football while the others just like to act like they’re professional head coaches or something.

Let us not begin to explain how this table is when the classico is being played or an Ahly and Zamalek match, you’ve all been there… you all know!



The group of friends that live on tarya2a



It just takes one tiny slip up from any group member and he’s doomed for the rest of the night. Not to mention remembering every other stupid thing he’s ever said or done. Every night there’s a new person who becomes bonbonayet el a3da, or actually there are some people who just ask for it from what a klutz they are.



The guy you see all the time even though you don’t know each other



When your ahwa becomes like a second home, every face becomes familiar. You see people on a daily basis and even though you don’t know them, you smile and say hello. When these people aren’t around, it is so unusual you find yourself getting a bit worried or feeling like something is missing.



The ‘imagine’ table



One person throws the line “Imagine you have a million bucks, what would you do?” and everyone starts talking about their dreams and ambitions while the rest make fun of them! It’s good to know how ambitious (or stupid) some people really are!



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