The 11 Best Cairo Venues that Opened in 2016

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By Aya Ragheb

No one should ever complain that we don’t have anywhere to hang out and feed our inner party, tummy, artsy-fartsy animal because the city keeps giving birth to so many venues by the second, every year. The problem is knowing the actual places that are worth getting off the sofa for and actually dragging yourself, which is why we’re here. You’re welcome.

  • Pier 88

All that’s missing is you…

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Famous for its unique presence in Gouna, Pier 88 finally comes to Cairo with its exquisite Italian cuisine. It offers a variety of great dishes served by their Michelin star chef, Giorgio Diana. The restaurant and bar has a breathtaking panoramic view of the Nile; a must-visit for a fine dining experience.

Number: 01208111140 – 01208111130.

Address: Imperial Boat, Saray El Gesirah st, Zamalek.

  • NOX

Just opened at the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel, NOX is a restaurant, bar and lounge where you can savor delicious international food. You will find yourself on a rooftop, pleased by Cairo’s scenery and a unique Nile view. They close on Sundays but you can enjoy their great cocktails and food at any other day of the week.

Number: 0225778899.

Address: 1113 Corniche El Nile, Nile Corniche.

  • 3 AM

Opened in Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel, 3 AM is literally a nightclub that stays till 3 am in the morning. It brings the best DJs in Egypt such as DJ Feedo and Ramy Djunkie. They’re pretty famous for their crazy R&B nights and their tasty cocktails.

Number: 02 23899000.

Address: Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, First Settlement, New Cairo.

  • The Tap East

Enjoying Friday Brunch!

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Famous for its graffiti walls, The Tap East is massive with two bars indoor and outdoor. The place is quite special because it suits all tastes. Indoor, where the DJs are, the music is loud and people can dance it out. Whereas their outdoor is more quiet and calm; a great chance to hang out and eat their signature wings.

Number: You can only book through their Facebook page and they reply within minutes.

Address: 9 Mohamed Naguib st, Stella, New Cairo.

  • Le Deck by Laurent Peugeot

A buzzing #AllDeckedOut night…

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Is there anything better than a floating Nile-restaurant and delicious food? Le Deck in Sofitel El Gezirah is a unique restaurant that introduces a new culinary concept in Cairo. Chef Jordan, who is a former trainee under Michelin Star Chef, Laurent Peugeot, cooks great dishes while mixing French and Japanese cuisine.

Number: 0227373737 – 01141100012.

Address: 3 El Thawra Council st, Sofitel El Gezirah, Zamalek.

  • Nineteen Twenty Five

It’s #Sundown and lights on tonight! A-Squared are spinning a wicked set and everyone is on their feet!

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Travel back in time and visit the 20s in Nineteen Twenty Five restaurant and bar. The restaurant will take you into a different era while you savor its French cuisine. It is amazingly decorated with geometric brass lighting that stresses the glamorous atmosphere. The ambiance encourages you to put your fancy dress on, have a fine dinner while listening to jazz music.

Number: 01212103512

Address: Nile City Towers, Cornich El Nile, Downtown.

  • Kazlak

A hidden gem, Kazlak restaurant is located in Maadi. Serving international cuisine, it has a diversified menu that serves fish, meat, duck, pastas and mouth-watering pizza.  Their menu also includes salads and soups. They have unique dishes such as the watercress and smoked salmon soup or beef potato espuma which is a potato mousse topped with beef and caramelized onions.

Number: 01200008680.

Address: 2 Palestine st, the Courtyard, Maadi.

  • Zamalek Cinema

Hey Zamalek, Stay Tuned 🙂 #openingsoon #cinema #zamalek

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Not only did Zamalek really need a cinema, it needed this one. When Zamalek Cinema first opened earlier this year, they gave free tickets to everyone. How cute is that???

Number: 02 27350320.

Address: 13 Shagaret El Dor, Zamalek.

  • Battaw

Art, culture & oriental food all combined @battaweg #3eeshBattaw #عيش_بتاو?

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Battaw is a place where art, culture and oriental food meet so you can have the best authentic experience of your life. Their molokheya is to die for.

Number: You can contact them via Facebook.

Address: 120 El Merghany Street, Heliopolis.

  • Kazoku 

#FollowTheBirds to an ambience that accentuates the taste.

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Think fancy and very Japanese. Kazoku take their food and drinks very, very seriously. It’s the perfect spot for a date.

Number: 0 1270004877.

Address: Swan Lake, First Settlement, New Cairo.

  • Tipsy Teapot

Tipsy Teapot shut down for a bit earlier this year and scared most of the Maadi crowd, only to surprise with its new revamped menu and new location. TRY EVERYTHING ON THEIR MENU!

Number: 0114 685 7139.

Address: 9, Road 100, Maadi.

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