#100DaysofMyDubai – Day One: A Melbourne Cafe in a City We Call Home

tomandserg 100daysofmydubai

My very close friend, a natural diva who knows just about everything and anyone in Dubai, I decided, was the perfect acquaintance to start my #100DaysofMyDubai experience. The brief: Let’s have lunch somewhere different.

We picked up another friend, an extremely cynical and always-sarcastic Dubai newbie and high-maintenance “influencer”, the modern day version of a celebrity on social media channels.

To decide on one location was a complete failure. Having a wide range of choices in Dubai, although one of its perks, turns you into an indecisive freak!

Arriving at Al Quoz, the hub of warehouse galleries and contemporary artists, we dediced to try out Tom & Serg, a relatively new cafe known to be a current trending spot in Dubai.

The owners, Australian Tom Arnel and Spanish Sergio Lopez, met in Abu Dhabi and decided that there is no true cafe culture in the UAE. It took them two and a half years to finally put together this place – and it shows why.




Extremely packed with people really enjoying their time, we were placed on the waiting list for approximately 20 minutes. I started observing the venue during my waiting time and there was something about the minimalism of the place and the breathing space between tables that made me feel really comfortable. Every little detail was perfectly crafted to help you enjoy your experience.

Our table was ready, so we sat down and browsed the menu. I can’t read menus, they confuse me, so I asked the waiter for his recommendation and he suggested I try their Cripsy Skin Salmon. It was superb!

We tried their burgers and grilled sandwiches, which received high appraisal from my friends. The portions were just the right size and with very friendly staff and a fantastic ambience, the place was perfect for a weekend catch up.

They also get a plus for tweeting us back as we posted our reviews online. We like a brand that is always connected with their fan base.


Great vibe, great start.



Tips & Tricks:


  • Tom & Serg are also known for their coffee, so don’t forget to order it after your meal.
  • Check out their Sample Menu here.



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