Photo by Gabriela Maj

I am the perfect example of a workaholic. I usually have a two-hour time frame between the office and sleep, which I like to call “me, myself, and Candy Crush” time. The most spontaneous decision I took was when I moved from Cairo to Dubai, to discover the unknown.

Mind you, my family and childhood best friends live here. I even joined the same agency that I’ve been working for in Egypt.

So much for the “unknown”. For four months, it’s basically been the “same life, different city”.

I’ve always heard expats living in Dubai say, “Dubai has been so good to me,” or “I love it here, there is always so much to do” – yet all I did was go to the beach, spend my money in malls, eat PF Chang’s, and party at Music Hall. So what is there reaaaaally that Dubai has to offer?

I decided to challenge Dubai, and challenge myself. Inspired by the 100 days of happiness initiative, I decided to create my own version. I’m off to discover the best-hidden secrets of #MyDubai, one per day a hundred days, and I’m calling it #100DaysofMyDubai. And within, I’m truly aiming to discover a revamped, better me.


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