10 Most Powerful Egyptians Under 40 According To Arabian Business

Arabs all over the world are starting to be recognized for the spectacular things they’ve accomplished. Recently, Arabian Business released their list of 100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40 and we’re delighted to share with you what these ten magnificent Egyptians have done to be on this list.



Jawad Nabulsi



Jawad Nabulsi is not just the number one Egyptian, but is ranked the number one on the list of 100 Most Powerful Arabs. During the revolution, Jawad was shot in the eye and rather than keeping him back, it was a motivation for him to move forward.

He created Nebny Foundation which has now become one of the most influential non-profit organizations in Egypt impacting over 140, 000 lives in less than 4 years. Starting out with the purpose of providing medical services to those deeply injured during the first uprising and evolving into focusing on deeper issues of illiteracy, acute health problems and unemployment, Nabulsi helped assist Cairo’s slum poor by providing them with the needed eduction, medical services and business advice.



Hossam Bahgat



Ranking number 18 is a journalist and human rights activist, Hossam Bahgat. He started off as a reporter for Mada Masr, but left the field for a decade to found the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) which works to support human rights in Egypt through research, advocacy and litigation.

Bahgat received the Allison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism in 2010 by Human Rights Watch and the Catherine and George Alexander Law Prize from Santa Clara University in 2014.

He play a huge role in the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt in 2011 and has been one of the few outspoken critics of the Mubarak government’s violations of human rights.

He  is a member of the board of directors of the Fund for Global Human Rights also founded the Law and Society Research Unit at the American University in Cairo.



Lina Attalah



Ranking number 27 on the list is Editor in Chief and founder of Mada Masr, Lina Atalah. Bringing together former journalist that worked for Egypt Independent before it was shut down, Atalah set out to create a news platform that conveyed the truth without being biased and covering all political events in Egypt regardless of the consequences.

Before Mada Masr, Atalah had started seven other ventures that were shut down, but her persistence and perseverance has made her and her platform one of the few trusted news sites in Egypt.



Radwa Rostom



Ranking number 30, is a civil engineer with a deep interest in sustainability and community development, Radwa Rostom.

Coming up with solutions to address the housing problems for poor communities, Rostom provided an idea of new environmentally friendly living spaces in Cairo.

Rostom was granted a fellowship from the DO School in Hamburg, Germany where she came up with the idea to provide a humane shelter for slum dwellers in Egypt. After undergoing training, workshops and coaching, the idea was developed under the name of Hand Over.

In January 2014, Radwa was granted a fellowship from the DO School in Hamburg, Germany. At this time she had an idea: to provide a humane shelter for slum dwellers in Egypt. After receiving several training, workshops and coaching sessions, the idea was developed a project under the name Hand Over with a vision to include all slums in Egypt.



Mohamed El Dahshan



 Mohamed El Dahshan is ranked number 39. He is a regional economist and an award winning journalist and writer. He’s worked with the Center for International Development at Harvard University and has consulted for various international organizations to develop a policy oriented research with real applications and real impact for issues of private sector development and investment promotion with a focus on post-conflict countries.



Omar Samra



Ranked number 47 is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest and the highest summits on each continent and ski to the South Pole, Omar Samra. He is a hero to Egyptians, encouraging others to dare to take chances. He’s also the Founder and CEO of the outstanding adventure travel company Wild Guanabana, which promotes ethical and eco-conscious travel.

He has continued his late wife’s humanitarian legacy with Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run, which has grown to reach multiple countries and put joy in the hearts of countless orphans. As a motivational speaker, he compels people to follow their dreams, with his own journey as an inspiring example. He’s currently hitting the North Pole and is scheduled to head to space later this year.



Minoush Abdel Meguid



Ranking number 56 is Minoush Abdel-Meguid. Abdel- Meguid has worked for more than 16 years in the field of investment banking and investment management. Before setting up Union Capital, she served as assistant to the chairman and head of corporate finance at Egypt’s Capital Market Authority between December, 2005 and December, 2007.

In her capacity as corporate finance head, Abdel-Meguid has been part of the team leading the introduction of a new takeover chapter as well as working on a comprehensive reform plan for the division. She has also just been selected as  Young Global Leader for 2015 by the World Economic Forum.

Abdel-Meguid is also the founding president of the Egyptian Young Bankers Association, an Egyptian non-governmental organisation that accommodates for the growth of young bankers and served as chairperson of the board and editor-in-chief of the Egyptian Banker publication until 2008.

She was the sole Egyptian participant at the US State Department’s International Visitors’ Leadership Program in 2005 with a focus on “Women in Economic Development”.



Mona Seif 



Ranking number 64 is Mona Seif, a social activist that comes from a family of social activists. Following in the footsteps of her family, Seif used social media as her tool to contribute to the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

In 2012, she was a finalist for the Front Line Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk and in 2013, she was also a finalist for the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders presented by Human Rights Watch.

Growing up in a family of social activists, Seif became aware of many social issues affecting her home country of Egypt from an early age. Her father is a human rights attorney who was imprisoned for five years, while her mother helped organise demonstrations against the Mubarak regime during the decades before his downfall.



Shereen Abdel Wahab



Ranking number 84 is the Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, mostly known as just Sherine. With a strong voice and charismatic character, Sherine has captured the hearts of many Egyptians and her fans just keep on growing.



Ronnie Khalil


600full-ronnie-khalil (1)

Ranking number 95 is Ronnie Khalil for doing what Egyptians are most known for: their sense of humour.making people laugh.

Khalil has headlined across four continents and taped live comedy specials which were aired in 14 different countries. He has also toured the United States as a guest performer with the “Axis of Evil”, performed with “Arabs Gone Wile”, has performed in various shows in the Middle East and was part of many stand up comedy festival in Amman, New York, Los Angeles, Boston and many others.

He is also the executive producer of the first ever Middle Eastern Comedy Festival in Los Angeles, premiering September 2009, with the goal of changing stereotypes in the Hollywood entertainment industry. He is also working on his first feature film, which he wrote and is starring in, to be shot in Cairo, Egypt, titled “Seducing Leyla.”


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