10 Reasons Why You’ve Been Friendzoned

It might be hurting you, it is never your decision, but just try to get out of this state of denial. All of us have been friendzoned at one stage or another, those are the 10 reasons why you might have been freindzoned at a certain stage of your life.


You think that all the girls should fall for you


1 friendzoned

Your arrogance probably is one of the main reason why you get friendzoned. But the truth is, under that exterior of arrogance you try to portray, there is a cute loving side that just wants to be loved. All you have to do is  learn how to show your true inner self.



You think Ahmed Adam is hilarious



You watch all his so called “comedy shows” and you laugh out loud. That kind of sense of humour is NOT going to get you anywhere!



You call your female friends koki, soso, lola or baby



You give your female friends those stupid pet nicknames and you think it’s cute, sexy or funny. Guess what? They’re not!



You try too hard



You will change tires, change styles, shift careers , buy gifts, buy breakfast, buy useless stuff, watch Turkish series, go to the opera… You will even go as far as watching ballet! There is a reason why they call it “The Nutcracker”!



You dont know how to flirt



You are the type of person who might use pick up lines like “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have syphilis, so will you.” or ” My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in.”



You fake being classy



Remember when you took her to that new burger shop and you insisted to use a fork and a knife to eat your burger?



Your obsession with your crush takes you so far away out of you comfort zone



Remember when she took you with her to get that snake tattoo on the back of your neck? Remember when you insisted to have a butterfly tattoo instead? That was the moment she knew you’re staying in the friendzone.



You might do things that actually hurt you just to be next to her



Remember when you texted her to ask about what’s bothering and she asked you to text her boyfriend who’s not picking up his phone to check on him? Remember that you actually texted him?!



You have personal issues



You write stuff like “иσ σиє ∂ιєѕ α νιяgιи, ℓιfє fυ¢кѕ υѕ αℓℓ ιи тнє єи∂” as your facebook status  and that;s exactly why you will die a virgin!



You fall in love all the time!



Anytime you go to school, college, work or wherever you are heading to, you find yourself attracted to someone. It can be the person sitting next to you in the bus, your colleague in the anatomy class or even the person who borrowed your noted to copy the lectures!
In the end, you realize that you are friendzoned, but you are okay with it because you think it’s better than nothing!


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