#PeopleToFollow: Dubai Based, Lebanese Blogger, Karen Wazen Bakhazi

One thing we constantly thank Instagram for is the daily inspiration. Whether its fashion, travel, lifestyle, food or simply quotes, the social networking app has got us all covered. Yet, in an ocean of bloggers and fashionistas, only a few from the region leave a real impact. Our #PeopleToFollow series today is all about our favorite lady of the month: Karen Wazen Bakhazi.

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Lebanese beauty, Karen, has been making waves lately in the world of fashion, beauty, motherhood, and blogging. The Karen’s choice, blog founder and writer, has been giving us a little bit more than just the fashionistas’ regular Instagram posts. Wazen has taken it upon herself to share every detail when it comes to her travel experience, motherhood, interior design, and fashion.

The 30-year-old fashion icon, based in Dubai, has been regularly associated with Dior and her styling is just impeccable. It is feminine, soft with an edge and truly fits all types of body shapes. The mother of three somehow makes it look do-able, yet on a very high budget!

One thing we’ve been loving about her blog is that she makes it so easy for you to shop her own personal look or her favorites. With a wide variety of brands and budgets, you can pick whatever works for you and add your own touch. We’d also like to add that she does the winged eyeliner like a pro.

Here are some of our favorite Karen Wazen’s looks:

Weekend vibes! #poolday

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Forever a 90s girl ❤️ #backtobasics

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