People to Follow: Here’s Why This Egyptian American Rising Singer is Worth A Listen!

Via Rory White

Meet Charls Ava, the rising starlet who proves borders aren’t always necessarily physical. Ava; who has a special angelic voice, just released her latest single, Idol, which doesn’t just have an oriental twist to the English lyrics, but was actually produced between both the US and Egypt!

Ava collaborated with producer Kieran Kelly in NYC and they recorded the song in different places. First, she recorded the guitars and drums in New York City, then the bass remotely in Los Angeles. Afterwards, she came to Cairo to record the qanun and ney and finally recorded her vocals at her home in Cairo where she now lives.

Via Naila Marei

The artist who was born and raised in NYC used to sing backup for rapper, M.I.A. She even dressed in a niqab on stage during one of her performances upon the rapper’s request. She also performed a solo live for Carla Bruni; the former first lady of France, back when she was visiting Julliard school in NYC. Later on, Ava decided it was time to start making her own music. That’s when she moved to Cairo and started experimenting with her epic Western and Middle Eastern fusions, starting from her very first single, Machine, to her current one.

WE SAID THIS: We cannot deny that we’re in love with the eclectic mixture of Middle Eastern tunes and rock music with jazzy feels. Ava’s voice is simply the cherry on top of this all! Bet she’s going to be dubbed Egypt’s Lana Del Rey someday, but with her very own twist of course.