DJ Solomun Releases a Sincere Apology After Huge Backlash Over Islamic Adhan!

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Guess this isn’t the brightest week in DJ Mladen Solomun’s career; after receiving a huge social media backlash and losing a portion of his huge fan base in the region. The Leading Bosnian-German DJ was on fire lately and his videos were being immensely shared all over our timelines; dramatically increasing his popularity internationally.

However, the Three-Time Award-Winning Artist faced an intense reaction from Muslims in the entire world after using a track which contained a vocal sample of the Islamic call to prayer. The incident happened during his performance over the weekend at Kappa Futur Festival in Turin, Italy.

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Solomun issued a sincere apology on his social media platforms to try to sort things out with his fans from the Arab World; stating that he received the demo shortly before the performance and that he was unaware of the Islamic call to prayer included.

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According to YourEDM, DJ Dax J was sentenced to a year in prison after doing the same in a performance in Tunisia.

WE SAID THIS: Different people around the world have different beliefs and traditions, and international icons should pay more attention to these differences to avoid triggering anyone. 

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