Egypt Sets a Budget of EGP 250 Mn To Battle Drug Addiction!


By Salma Maher

Under the leadership of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister, the Egyptian government has decided to go all in to put an end to drug addiction with EGP 250 million.


The plan is already in action and is set to extend till 2021/2022, with goals including increasing awareness to reach 1.2 million people and building 11 more rehabilitation centers, leading up to a total of 30 centers nationwide. As well as readjusting 15,000 educational institutions to become anti-drug use.

They’re not just stopping there, 5000 youth, sports, and cultural institutions’ roles will be emphasized to also help in serving the government’s vision. In addition to 10,000 religious establishments to increase recognition about the dangers of drugs of all sorts..

WE SAID THIS: The best way to defeat your enemy is to learn more about them, let’s hope Egypt will succeed at beating addiction!