Elvive Takes Over Sahel With Braids and Beyond

Via Elvive

As we’re all quite aware, summer could be our precious hair’s worst enemy. Even though it might be your favorite time of the year, but it’s definitely not your hair’s. Excessive exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and salt from the sea, damages your hair strands and leaves them dry and brittle. However, Elvive had a different say on that!

Elvive decided to promote its very own Total Repair 5 range; especially the oil replacement and serum, in a super smart way. How? Well, that’s easy, they hit the beach with us! Elvive has brought the hair salon all the way to the beach too. At Elvive’s studio, you can either get your hair pretty braids; everybody’s favorite summer look or get a quick hair fix. By that, I mean that a professional stylist will be there to apply Elvive’s Total Repair 5 products to your hair for post-swimming control. This line offers solutions to the five main troubles caused by damaged hair. It will simply make it thicker, smoother, stronger, shinier, and will finally grant it repaired ends. Other than that, the stylist can also provide you with free consultation and tips for the most suitable routine for your hair type.

Via Elvive

Not just that, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that Elvive has dominated Sahel this summer. Elvive bombarded beach showers by branding them and installing its very own shampoo and conditioner dispensers to induce trial. You’re most likely expected to stumble upon Elvive’s cool activations in Stella Sidi Abdelrahman, Diplo, Amwaj, and La Femme.

WE SAID THIS: Guilt-free dipping in the pool, here we come!

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