From Tara Emad To Raya Abirached: Romanseya Manseya Shows Us Our Favorite Celebrities In A New Light

Romanseya Manseya, hosted by the content-creating Youtube channel, Peace Cake, gives us a humorous take on the dating scene in Egypt. Romanseya Manseya, which translates to “forgotten romance,” is hosted by Yehia and Safi, some of the funniest people you will ever stumble upon. The aim of the series is to remind people of old-fashioned romance when the guy had to try and impress the lady to get her to go out with him.

In each episode, Yehia, also known as Yaya, and Safi bring a woman and learn about her interests and likes and accordingly, they each create funny pick-up lines with the goal of getting her to laugh. Each time she laughs at a joke, its creator gets a point and by the end of the episode, whoever has more points gets to go on a date with her.

Romanseya Manseya is hilarious, creative and entertaining. On top of that, they often host famous celebrities, giving us the chance to know some of our favorite celebrities a little bit better and see them in a new light. We compiled a list of our favorite Romanseya Manseya episodes, with figures such as Tara Emad to Raya Abirached.

Asmaa Galal

Passant Shawky

Salma Abu-Deif

Raya Abirached

Sara Abdulrahman

Arwa Gouda

Tara Emad

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