We Asked Egyptians What Their Weirdest Habits Are, and Here’s What They Said

by Abdulhameed Afifi

Most of us, if not all, think we’re unique, but let’s be honest: we aren’t. Even the actual idea of thinking you’re unique is inherently not unique. While a lot of us have a few weird quirks here and there — and maybe a few really are exclusive to you (please do share with me) — for the most part, we’re all cut from the same tree.


I asked Egyptians what their weirdest habits are, and here’s what they said.



CR7 Mega Fangirl


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“I have a full body poster of Cristiano Ronaldo on my bedroom’s door. Every day before I go out I must take a selfie with it. My gallery is full of those selfies.” – M. J.



Lights, Camera, Pinch


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“I always pinch the person who’s taking a picture with me right before the picture is taken. I don’t know why, maybe I get a little anxious. I’m not sure why I even get anxious though.” -S. R.



‘5oshy be reglek el yemen’ (Enter with Your Right Foot)


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“I can never enter any place, except with my right foot. My mother always told me ever since I was a little kid that if you entered a place with your left foot something bad is going to happen.” – N. E.




Tuna Oil Delight


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“I used to drink the tuna oil (or brine) right after I open the can. I don’t know, I just thought that was the norm and this is how canned tuna is supposed to be eaten.” K. G.



The Sink Abuser


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“Whenever I’m at a house party at any of my friends and I find myself intoxicated, I like to pee in the sinks of their bathrooms.” – S. K.



Eww, just eww


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“When I fart, I don’t know why, I just always have the urge to smell my own farts. I have done it a few times, and I think I like it.” – A. S.



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