6 Sahel Pools You Need in Your Life Because Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Jellyfishes


Okay so, jellyfishes have taken over the beaches of Sahel and no, just no. I have lost the ability to even, as well as wanting to swim. But worry not, I have found a solution for this problem: pools.


I’ve compiled a list of this year’s best pools in the North Coast that will 200% be jellyfish-free.





Via: oekoplan.com


One word: breathtaking view.



Mountain View


Via: Mountainview.com


They have lounge chairs inside their pools which are relaxing AF. On another note, most celebs flock towards Mountain View, AKA get your Insta Stories game ready.



Hacienda Bay


Via: remax.com.eg


If you like the party atmosphere and losing yourself to summer’s biggest hits, this is your place to go.



The Tap North



You can have Tap’s delicious famous wings while basking under the sun.



Sol (Amwaj)



If Ciel was a Pokemen then Sol is basically its mega evolution. Their cocktails are a must this summer.



Martin’s Beach



This is my number one pick of the summer. You don’t need reasons. Just go. NOW!



WE SAID THIS: Take that jellyfish!

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