Mixed Feelings Regarding Egypt’s National High School Results

Via: .illinois.edu

Egyptian high school students are on the edges of their seats, as they await for the official “Tansee2” announcement; the process used by which public universities determine the minimum required GPAs required to access certain faculties and majors, in accordance with the general average of the nation’s high school results.


Via: .illinois.edu


The tension is only increasing, as a lot of mixed pieces of information and speculations are being thrown around and published, by the various media sources covering this national and annual phenomenon.  The average scores this year are not as high as previous years.


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Accordingly, some sources have indicated that the minimum grades of acceptance by top faculties – namely Medicine, Engineering, and Political Science – is expected to be lower than previous years. Other sources, however, have stated that the minimum grades of acceptance by these top faculties is going to be higher than previous years, so as to guarantee top quality for top faculties.



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