Stop Whatever You’re Doing, Cairokee Is Serving Coffee at This Popular Bakery Shop

Imagine having a Salmon n’ Philly sandwich with your favorite cup of coffee before heading to work? Amazing, right? Now imagine having them served by two of Cairo’s top musicians. Exactly!




The Bakery Shop, AKA TBS, announced that Cairokee’s drummer and lead guitarist worked behind the counter in one of their many branches.


Hardcore Cairokee fans, which is basically our entire office, went on a treasure hunt at every TBS branch, in the hopes of finding Tamer Hashem and Sherif Hawary.


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TBS previously announced that they’re joining forces with Cairokee to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. We’re not quite sure if this is all they’re doing together, but if it is, we are all here for it!


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WE SAID THIS: Good luck everyone.


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