Photos to Remind You How Beautiful Makkah Is

Makkah needs no introduction. A place where people come to start anew, repent their sins or even use it as a time to extend their spiritual journey. With the current heart-wrenching conflict between Gaza and Israel as well as the holy month coming to an end, we felt the need to celebrate the beautiful images of the holy land.


Why not start with a little history…

The 1910 kiswa covering the Kaaba in Mecca, Ottoman Empire.

The 1910 Kiswah covering the Kaaba in Makkah, Ottoman Empire


We are going back as far as 1910 when the Kiswah covering took place for the first time over the Kaaba.




Did you know that Egypt was the first to embroider the Kiswah, providing Saudi Arabia with it for many years?




Before all the skyscrapers had taken over…


Makkah has many holy attractions, yet it is the Kaaba that reigns over them all. It is also known as Baitullah or “The House of Allah.” On the east corner of this revered building, there is a cornerstone known as the Black Stone of the Kaaba. It is steeped in mystery, legend and speculation.


The stunning Kaaba door & Kiswha…






Pilgrims pray on Mount Arafat to pray El Maghreb, which this year is around 7pm.




Pilgrims gathering at Mount Arafat, where Mohammad became a prophet.



 Al-Haram Mosque, which surrounds the Kaaba…





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A view from space…



Between all the rituals and beauty, the one thing that binds people together in Makkah is prayer, with about 15 million pilgrims visiting Islam’s holiest site annually from all over the world.


Anissa Haddadi

Anissa Haddadi






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