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Moving Out of Your Arab Parents’ House Will Make You a Stronger Person

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Imagining a parallel universe where it was socially acceptable for Arabs to move out of their parents’ places, of course there has to be some compromise. Independence doesn’t come at a cheap price, it comes with bills, laundry, grocery shopping, and lots of other chores. However, when there’s compromise, it has to pay off eventually. So in case you were wondering how can simply living on your own change you or at least what you can learn from it, then you’d better keep reading.


Via Tumblr


Due to our Middle Eastern traditions, one simply doesn’t move out of his/her parents’ house until he/she gets married — or that’s the case most of the time. Living where you grew up with your family is amazing; you’ve got your mama bear watching out for you, and the free room delivery service is a definite plus. However, there’s been a downside to this, and no I’m not talking about complete freedom and breaking free from your overprotective parents. Every single parent on planet Earth is protective to an extent, so that’s not the case. It’s that we’ve unfortunately grown too dependent on our families. The new generations might be really successful when it comes to work or education, but in their personal lives, how many of you can make a cup of tea and how many actually do their own laundry?


Living on your own *coughs* in a parallel universe, of course, or if your parents were supportive enough *coughs* will slap you right in the face with an ugly truth. The real world hurts so bad, but it will change you into a better version of yourself; one that you and your parents will definitely be proud of. Bills will be coming to get you one after another, they won’t leave room for you to breathe, and they’ll keep piling up more and more if you don’t do anything about it. It’s going to be time for you to pay for your own WiFi. Hence, you need to start working if you’re still a college student. That experience within itself will definitely teach you time management, and in time, multitasking will be a piece of cake for you. Whether you’re still a student or you’ve successfully made it to the workforce, you’ll gain some money management skills and you’ll actually start saving. Soon enough,you’ll start spending less money and time on meaningless outings, you’ll give up junk food and you’ll pack your healthy lunch with you. Oh, and might even do something with the gym subscription you never really used.


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As cliché as this might seem, you’ll become a more responsible person. With all these responsibilities being thrown at you, it may feel unbearable in the beginning, but by time you’ll get used to it and will learn to overcome them. I’ve always found it ironic when people got married, regardless of their age, when they’ve lived their entire lives depending on their parents. How can one look after a family when he/she cannot simply look after oneself? It’s not about preparing one for marriage, but it’s crucial to understand and sync in before taking that step. Add to that, problem solving. Your water pipes will break and you’ll learn how to get over it. If you could take care of your own sewage system, then you could really take care of anything.


Ironically, by moving out you’ll actually start building a stronger and healthier relationships with your parents. You’ll start appreciating the things they do for you and the time you spend with them. They will also start trusting you when they take a step back and they’ll even start depending on you when it was the other way around. Finally, you’ll stop taking them for granted.


Via Tumblr


The list could go on and on, but we’re all different and everyone will have a different experience. What everyone will have in common after this one though, is that they’ll become stronger than ever.



WE SAID THIS: However, you don’t have to whine just because you’re still living with your parents. You can stop being a couch potato even if you live under your daddy’s roof. So get up and show some responsibility, because really, you have no excuse.

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