Egyptian Woman Searches for Sperm Donor at Bashtery Ragel FB Page


If you think the so-called first Egyptian single mother is the last we hear about taboo relationships, this new Facebook page has a surprise for you. Apparently, a 35-year-old Egyptian woman named Sherihan Nour ElDin will be the next most-talked-about-girl on the internet. Just last night the page Bashtery Ragel came to life and immediately went viral after Nour Eldin stated that she was searching for a sperm donor.

The young woman claims that she is successful, financially stable, does not want to get married but desperately wants a child. After considering the possibility of eggs freezing, she realized she had a condition that reduced her pregnancy rate by 40%, so obviously she is worried and can not afford to wait for Mr.Right. Her call for a sperm donor is the most unusual for a country like Egypt, but the anonymous post by the thirty something year old, claims she will officially marry the man then later divorce him once she has the child.

Needless to say, this is a major religious and social taboo in every Arab and Middle Eastern country. The page was shut down last night, yet the persistent wannabe-mother started a new page, pleading men to take her seriously instead of shaming her and the donation will be met with a big financial reward.

The feedback was a mix of everything. Some started a conspiracy theory about human organ trafficking, some tried to use logic and religion, a few men started warning the willing donators about laws that will obviously screw them over while others were happily ready to get paid in dollars ASAP.



We Said This: Looks like there are a lot of men willing to take on the challenge


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