Egyptian Woman Redefining Gender Roles While Driving 18-Wheeler Truck

Via AJ+


“Home is a woman’s kingdom, but my kingdom is my profession,” Om Khaled says in an interview.


Via AJ+


In this day and age, people still joke about the misconception that women can’t drive. Not only is that statement untrue, but Om Khaled is a living proof that women can drive better than men.


Via AJ+


The Egyptian heroine told AJ+ that she used to work as a taxi driver when other men mocked her. They didn’t take her seriously one bit, simply because she was a woman. Om Khaled noticed that one of the men that made fun of her had a heavy vehicle, that’s when she decided she wants to have just that…and more.



Om Khaled beat those men at their game by actually enrolling in a driving school. Not only did she beat all her peers by excelling in the arts of driving and mechanics but she now sports an 18-wheeler truck that strikes fear in all the hearts of the men that would ever dare to sneer down upon her. To put it simply, Om Khaled is the OG of the heavy vehicle world in Egypt.



WE SAID THIS: Om Khaled is an inspiration to girls (and boys) everywhere. We salute you!


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