Dubai Halloween Festival Sparks Anger for Not Selling Alcohol

by Mohamed El Fishawy

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The biggest Halloween event of Dubai is back! Fiesta De Los Muertos returned to the Autism Rocks Arena on October 27 with epic performances from legendary British virtual band Gorillaz, hip-hop star Stormzy, singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen, R&B singer Massari and last year’s favorites, The Mariachis, along with the Dubai-based artists, Arcade 82 and Consoul Trainin! There was a downside, however, as the event did not allow or sell alcohol.


Stormzy performing at the event. Via Gulf News.


With only a few hours before the actual festival begins, Dubai-based event promoter 117Live announced that Fiesta De Los Muertos is going to be a dry event due to cultural sensitivities.



People who bought tickets were absolutely livid, with some of them taking to the Internet to express how they feel. Check some of the backlash below:


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