Disgusting Video Shows Mother Sharing Shisha With Toddler For Fun

Remember that Indonesian kid that went viral for smoking 40 cigarettes a day? Well, it seems like this phenomenon is more common than we think it is.


While most kids nag for candy and toys, this toddler has a thing for her mommy’s shishas.


A shocking video has been shared online, showing a child crying to share her mother’s hookah. The mother obliged while filming her for fun, and we are just speechless. I don’t care how (un)educated the mother is, it is common sense that smoking is lethal so how is this a fun moment for a parent? Have we really become so numb that we are willing to share anything on social media as a joke?



Watch how the mother bragged about her smoking toddler online:




WE SAID THIS: Shame on you!


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