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The Countries that the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Has Visited So Far

The Countries that the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Has Visited So Far

The FIFA World Cup Trophy landed in Egypt this week as part of its 267-day, 90-country tour sponsored by Coca-Cola. Egypt is the 38th country on this year’s Trophy Tour and it’s only the second time that the golden cup has visited – the first was in 2010. It’s here for three days, culminating in […]

An Important Message To Travelers, From Egyptians

With so much bad press, Egyptians and Egypt-lovers are taking the country’s PR problem into their own hands, using social networks to spread the message of safety and hospitality. Tourism to Egypt has plummeted following international headlines containing words like “coup” and “massacre”. In response, various social media-centered initiatives have sprung up to offset the […]

Packing Nazi – When It Comes to Travel Less Is More

As a lady, any journey, regardless of time and location requires a carefully thought out process to attempt to answer the age old question: “what do I wear?” This question alone conjures up endless possibilities of outfits and options and “What If” scenarios that one must be prepared for. Short dress, long dress, heels, flats, […]

Mommy Diaries: Traveling With Kids

Not Hadeel’s Kid You’re not really a parent until you’ve traveled with your children. If you think its stressful being on a plane with a crying baby, imagine when that screaming pile of poop is yours. That is a whole other level of psychological warfare. Hundreds of people stuck together in a tin can flying […]

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