Technology & Social Media

The ever-changing tech world keeps us running after the latest news to keep you informed. Apps, websites and new technology mixed up with the rapidly expanding world of social media – all under one roof to make sure you’re always in the know. !

So it seems that these guys at Zabatak, have personally taken it upon themselves to provide us with a lot tools to track a lot of what is going on in Egypt…After their recent venture with the Morsi Meter a website that hasn’t only caught the attention of Egypt & the Middle East but the […]

Olympics & Twitter Talk

From the very first moment, twitter was where it’s at for the Olympics. From the athletes sharing photos and status updates that take their followers inside the Games,  to the teams sending out updates of scores and athlete stats to the fans covering what they are seeing and reveling in the Olympic drama.  Even here […]

Pinterest is open for all!

Pinterest has finally announced the end of its beta phase and opened registration for everyone, dropping its invite requests. Users can now sign up for the social photo sharing site without waiting for an invitation, according to there official blog. Now, prospective pinners can register using their email addresses, or log in with their Facebook or […]

Top E-learning Company in Egypt

Are you a typical procrastinator? Do you lack communication or presentation skills? A USB stick can simply solve all your problems – you just plug and learn! Tatweer International is an e-development company that provides both accessible and affordable learning programs to any given workforce on any type of training. The company provides the best […]

Yfrog Social: More Social Networks

If you use Twitter since the beginning of time, you must have heard of Yfrog. It started out as a photo-sharing service, which quickly became one of the most popular ways to share photos on Twitter — back in the day, you may remember, the only way you could share photos on Twitter was through third-party […]

RamaScoops: Galaxy TakeOver!

It seems that there are more players that entered the game towards the end of the second week of Ramadan. Just launched 2 days ago is the Galaxy ad which is coming out with a very strong message directed at men!! Playing on their concept of “love for chocolate” the woman is describing all the […]

Because We Don’t Walk This Earth Alone

On the 27th of August 2010, Omar Attia, Kareem Abdel Lateef & I visited an orphanage for mentally disabled children to fulfill Ramadan’s zakat. After spending couple hours with those kids, we realized that it wasn’t the clothes, the chocolate or the toys that put a smile on their faces; it was our efforts playing […]

Emshi Fe 7artak (#emshi_fe_7artak)

Traffic is definitely one of the biggest issues in Egypt, and its getting worse everyday (don’t ask us how). The newly elected president, Morsi has put down solving traffic issues as one of his 5 main pillars of change that will occur in the first 100 days of rule in the country, and nothing has […]

Twitter Slaps Instagram In The Face

Seems like everyone and their mother now a days has discovered Instagram, literally! The picture sharing app has become in essence as important as Facebook and Twitter when it comes to sharing with strangers what it is your up to exactly. Well it looks like one social network is just not embracing the other! Twitter […]

Google Fiber : A Different Kind of Internet

If you read a lot of tech news like me you probably have heard about Google Fiber by now. All the tech community have been hustling and bustling about it for the past 2 days non stop. So what is Fiber?  Fiber is a project that Google has been working on since March of last year. […]

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