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Erdoğan Gets Interviewed by 8 year old!

In an unscheduled and non-PR move, an 8-year-old student, Hale Hançerkıran, took the opportunity yesterday to interview Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for a homework assignment. Hançerkıran, a second grader at Ankara’s Turhan Feyzioğlu Primary School, stopped Erdoğan before his party’s parliamentary group meeting and requested an interview for her assignment, titled “An Interview […]

Another Train Crash!

A military train carrying young recruits to an army camp derailed in a Cairo suburb on early morning today, killing at least 19 people and injuring 103 others according to the Ministry of Health’s sources. The train was traveling from southern Egypt to Cairo when it derailed in Badrashin in Giza.”The Egyptian ambulance authority has […]

Young Sri Lankan Maid Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

It is truly appalling in this day and age that a story  like this breaks out of the Middle East, thus furthering our Barbaric image to the western world. A young Sri Lankan maid was beheaded in Saudi Arabia for apparently suffocating therefore, killing a baby that was left in her care. Rizana Nafeek, was […]

Discovering MENA: Should I Stay or Should I go?

According to UN numbers, more than 60,000 people had already lost their life when a tired but impassive at the plight his compatriots are going through Bashar Al-Assad delivered, for the first time since June, a speech (that was announced as the “discourse of the solution”) that hasn’t convinced anyone (barring the dozens of staunch […]

French Movie Star Depardieu Ditches his Nationality to Become Russian?

Ahh Gerard Depardieu, the crazy french actor that is known for taking nude strolls on the beach, attacking paparazzi, and being an outright crazy mo fo; is in the limelight again. The French movie icon has now officially renounced his French citizenship for one of greener pastures (or we can say ice fields) Russia! He […]

Off The Post: Fifa Ballon D’Or 2012….Seriously?!!

If you are expecting another Messi vs. Cristiano article or debate, then you should stop reading right about now… All eyes were on Zurich yesterday night for the Fifa Ballon D’or awards, as football fanatics sat tight watching their biggest stars crowned after a whole year of sweat & pain. However, it was just about time to, once […]

Discovering MENA: Palestine’s New Year’s Resolution – Unity?

When Hamas celebrated its 25th anniversary in Gaza back in December, several rallies were also authorized and held for the first time in years in the West Bank, sparking (again) rumours about an eventual badly needed Palestinian reconciliation. This type of comments are again all over the media on the occasion of the (first-time since […]

Off The Post: The Living Legend – Mohamed Abou Treika

Abou Treika in lines Name: Mohamed Mohamed Abuo Treika Number: 22 Born: 7 Nov 1978 (34 yrs of age) Career: – Al Tersana; 1997 – 2004, Al Ahly; 2004 – Present Goals: Tersana (91) + Al Ahly (105), Egypt (31)  As we close down 2012, there is nothing much to highlight across the Egyptian football […]

One Hell of An Alimony Fee For Berlusconi

FOUR MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH! Can you imagine taking 4 million dollars a month from your ex husband, just simply because you were once married?! Nope we can’t! Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s former Prime Minister and Media Billionaire Mogul, has agreed to pay his 2nd wife Veronica Lario $4 million a month in alimony. Since the […]

Kanye Confirms Kim’s Pregnancy!

Platinum selling rapper, Kanye West has announced earlier today that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is pregnant with his baby! Rumors started flying online after West apparently interrupted his own performance in Atlantic City, asking the crowd to “make some noise for my baby mama.” Check out the video below, which captures the moment, which was […]