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Summer Olympics – London 2012 – Round Up 4

Today’s round up is a combination of the results from August 6th and 7th. Lots of medals were won yesterday, mostly by China but that’s not really surprising. Over at the Olympic Stadium, athletics were well underway, though several disciplines are still in the qualifying stage, some medals were awarded on Monday. Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic won […]

Maria’s note: 15 killed in attack in Sinai

On Sunday night, at around 8 p.m., a group of terrorists linked to a “global jihadist group” killed fifteen Egyptian border guards, injured seven others and seized two armored vehicles in an attempt to launch an attack in Israel.  The assault took place on a checkpoint at the land port of Rafah, while the Egyptian […]

Summer Olympics – London 2012 – Round Up 3

Step aside Michael Phelps, yesterday all eyes were on Jamaica’s Usain Bolt as he raced to retain his 100 meter title, which he did with ease. There were some serious contenders in yesterday’s race; Justin Gatlin was on the track after a ban due to a doping case back in 2004, he came in second, Yohan Blake (a […]

The Summer Olympics – London 2012 – Round Up 1

Most major football leagues are enjoying their summer vacations or training hard for the upcoming season at the moment so thank god for the London Olympics! With no shortage of sporting events to watch, a sport-obsessed hermit like myself is content to spend 16 days at home in front of the television watching things like women’s field hockey, diving […]

Bolivia Says Bye To Coke

No not the drug, get your heads out of the gutter it’s Ramadan for God’s Sake, just wait till Eid! Bolivia that little country in South America, that shares a border with Brazil, has decided to kick Coca – Cola the multinational Conglomerate out of it’s country by the end of the year! Sounds pretty […]

Playing God – The Spider – Goat!

What do you get when you mix a goat and a spider? Why of course a Spider – Goat! Well I was directed to this strange incarnation I can’t get my head around it! A bunch of scientists in the Southern U.S. have been playing God as of recently and have genetically altered the DNA […]

Maria’s Note: Bye, bye Hotmail!

Your Hotmail account… probably your first email address ever. The email address you barely check and when you do, there is nothing interesting, only spam. The account you feel a bit embarrassed of sharing with other people because your username sounds completely inappropriate.  Well, 360 million users like you and me will say bye to […]

Maria’s note: The battle for Aleppo

Last Friday, U.N’s Human Rights Office accused Bashar el Asad’s troops of going from house to house, razing areas considered opposition strongholds and killing rebels and civilians. U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said reports are coming out of Damascus announcing massacres of civilians, including any suspected of fighting with the opposition.  Pillay […]

Olympic Games London 2012 – The Opening

So after a long 70 day nationwide journey the torch has finally made its way to the Olympic stadium where it will light the cauldron at the opening ceremony tonight, yet the mystery still lies in the identity of the person who gets the honor of being the handler in this case. With tonight being […]

Humanity VS. Population

As the situation in Syria grows more and more dire so does our issue with Palestinan’s rushing to our borders for refuge. Although Egypt ha maintained a good relationship with the nation they have always had a strict policy when it comes to entering Egypt’s borders with a visa.  How this has changed? Well it […]