Health & Fitness

As we become more aware of our unhealthy habits and lack of fitness, a team of the most seasoned health gurus tackle tricky questions to help you achieve a healthier you, body and mind.

Mahmoud El Gohary: Fallen Coach

Last night (Saturday), Egyptian football coaching legend and former player, Mahmoud El-Gohary was declared clinically dead after suffering a stroke while in Amman, Jordan.  El Gohary was serving as the main counsel for the Jordanian Football Federation. Known as one of the most important figures in the history of Egyptian and African football, dubbed as the […]

The Pharaohs Have No Clothes

Before the Olympics even got under way, Egyptian athletes received the most embarrassing news of their lives when the uniforms they had been given by the Egyptian Olympic committee where found to be fakes. What followed was a series of ludicrous statements by the EOC Chairman made in an effort to absolve himself and the […]

Lance Armstrong Falls Hard

Seven time Tour De France winner, Lance Armstrong has been fighting a huge storm the past couple days amongst doping claims, trying to derail his career and strip him of his seven wins at the Tour De France. Although these claims are not new, and he has been accused of doping previously, none of the […]

The Dangers of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become very popular in Egypt. Everyone seems to be doing it! The difference between LASER and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is important seeing as both are offered here. Laser is a type of light with three characteristics that define it as the brightest, most powerful light known to mankind! It is […]

Coaching Headache Averted

One silver lining in Egypt bowing out of the tournament at the first knockout stage is that there wont be, well at least there shouldn’t be, any talk from the masses about how Hany Ramzy should replace Bob Bradley as the Senior Team Manager. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is certainly […]

The Summer Olympics – London 2012 – Round Up 2

Yet another eventful day has passed at the summer Olympiad in the city of 2012. Athletics had the stadium jam-packed yesterday, with the men’s 100 meter qualifier being one of the highlights of the day. Fun fact: we had a sprinter in the 100 meter race, his name is Amr Ibrahim Mostafa Seoud. Unfortunately for Seoud, he was […]

Inspiring Women – Reem El Bosaty; The Olympian

Reem El Bossaty, another champion making us proud in the Olympics at the very tender age of 19. Reem has been practicing swimming since she was 5 years old. Two years ago, she transferred to Lindenwood University in the US; where she started swimming for the University and swam for Egypt when she came back […]

Breast Awareness and Self Exam

Whatever your age, size or shape it’s important to take care of your breasts. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, so it’s important to look after your breasts by being breast aware and performing a breast self exam. A woman can notice changes by being aware of how her breasts normally look […]

Ahmed Habash Surfs all the way to the Olympics

Windsurfing, a sport that is not that common or popular in Egypt. Practicing since he was 13 years old, Ahmed Habash made it all the way to the Olympics and made millions of Egyptians proud. I am one of them and I’m even more proud to have interviewed him. God bless the passion and the […]

Working Out on an Empty Stomach

Is training in the morning on an empty stomach more effective for burning fat? Some well-known bodybuilding gurus recommend doing high-intensity aerobics in the morning on an empty stomach to burn fat. Is this supported by scientific fact, or is it bad advice ?  The main reason for a pre-workout snack, however, is to supply […]