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As we become more aware of our unhealthy habits and lack of fitness, a team of the most seasoned health gurus tackle tricky questions to help you achieve a healthier you, body and mind.

Fact: Baby Aspirin Can Be Deadly For Feverish Children

Most of the time children are diagnosed with fever due to a viral or bacterial infection. It acts as a body defense mechanism to help them overcome this infection. Yet, fever can be dangerous so it’s so important to give antipyretic medication to control the fever. Aspirin is one of the most famous antipyretics. However, […]

Fibers: The Overlooked non-Nutrient

Continuing our last week’s talk, Fibers are a special type of Carbohydrates that have almost no nutritional value. They are the edible parts of plants (the stems, seeds, skins, and supporting structures of the leaves) which are not digested by our bodies, but they are very important for our health. There are two types of […]

Ahmed Nawara Talks Kitesurfing

In case you haven’t noticed, over the last couple of years Cairo has witnessed a spread of the best extreme sport on the planet: Kitesurfing. I got into Kitesurfing a couple of years ago, and it changed my life forever. A lot of people have been asking me about Kitesurfing, so I thought it would […]

Tea Time: Cosmetic Surgery Have We Gone Too Far!

How many of us have seen the same lips way too many times? Overly plump lips, wrinkle-free skin, and enhanced breasts have become a fashion “must” in many countries. Have we gone too far? A review done in the UK says we have, and that these cosmetic surgeries, which currently have minimal regulations, if any, […]

Beach Body: Are You Doing It Right?

Almost 6 weeks ago, I suggested that you should find the perfect plan for you and start working on your Beach body which I really hope you did. Whether you got your plan from, started working out at home or subscribed to the gym next-door , whatever you decided to do, you need to […]

Carbs : Your Worst Enemy and Best Friend

Carbohydrates are the main and preferred source of energy in our bodies especially that the brain only utilizes Glucose. But, Carbs are not the only source of Glucose. Our magnificent machines of a body can make glucose out of protein and fat. So why are Carbs the most essential thing? Carbs are very misunderstood especially […]

Smoke Free Teen

You are a teenage smoker and you need a quit plan. You tried everything and you just couldn’t quit. Congratulations you made the 1st step in quitting by reading this. Let’s be real, quitting sucks. However, it works best when you’re prepared. How about having a coach on the sidelines who really knows what it […]

Tea Time: Scare Yourself Thin

You might have to read this article twice to believe it – but the title is true. A new study done at the University of Westminster has found out that viewers watching horror movies were more likely to burn calories than those watching a blank screen. How many calories exactly you ask? Well, the equivalent […]

FAT: The Good , The Bad and The Ugly

No one should be scared of the word fat .. On the contrary to common belief,  fat  is pretty essential for our survival . Every cell in our bodies maintains its integrity by having some sort of fat and even cholesterol in its wall. In our bodies, fat is stored as Adipose tissue underneath your […]

Tea Time: Sugary Death Drinks!

A new study presented at the American Heart Association has released shocking, albeit not new, correlations between sugary drinks and obesity-related diseases. If you are looking for a reason to quit sodas TODAY, this is the post for you. Here is the spin on why this might be happening: When people drink too much sugary […]

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