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As we become more aware of our unhealthy habits and lack of fitness, a team of the most seasoned health gurus tackle tricky questions to help you achieve a healthier you, body and mind.

The Immortal Jelly Fish

Oh to be immortal, isn’t that everyone’s deepest, darkest dream? Well scientists have discovered a Jellyfish that is in essence actually immortal! Known as the Turritopsis nutricula, the tiny jelly fish has the ability to transform its cells back into it’s youthful state. Therefore, starting it’s life all over again, maturing, mating, etc..instead of dying. […]

Cristiano Ronaldo Donates to Gaza!

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo donated 1.5 million euros to the Palestinian children in Gaza, after the ordeal the West Bank and the occupied territories have been suffering. The money will be directed to funding schools and educational programs in Gaza, via the Real Madrid Foundation; which has apparently built more than 167 schools in over […]

Sexual Harassment Crackdown – FINALLY

Sexual harassment runs rampant through Egypt’s streets, you could be veiled, fully dressed in a Burqa, or naked, it’s all pretty much the same thing in the eyes of those who feel the need to provoke and touch women in the streets. Cat calls, a quick grab here and there all things an everyday woman […]

Hepatitis C Trial Shows 100% Cure Rate

Since its discovery in the 1980’s, Hep C virus has presented a puzzle to scientists over the world! Moreover, Egypt is nowadays the one of the countries with the highest incidence of infection with the virus, and we are losing patients every day to liver failure or liver cancer. On Saturday, Gilead Sciences Inc. presented […]

Fat-blocking Pepsi in Japan

It sounds like a dieter’s dream. Drink soda and lose weight. It’s junk food with a healthy sheen and it’s a real Pepsi product coming out in Japan. Pepsi Special is special because of an added ingredient: dextrin, the same stuff found in Benefiber. It’s a water-soluble fiber supplement that may also have some extracurricular […]

Colorado & Washington Legalize Marijuana

Last Tuesday, Amendment 64 — the measure seeking the legalization of marijuana for recreational use by adults — was passed by Colorado & Wwashignton voters, making them the first 2 states to end marijuana prohibition in the United States, in defiance of federal law, setting the stage for a possible showdown with the Obama administration. Although they […]

Planets Align With the Giza Pyramids

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming planetary alignment with the Giza Pyramids on December 3, 2012. Why? Because it only happens once in every 2,737 years and it’s one of those rare moments where you can see Saturn, Venus & Mercury all align together. The below photo has been making the […]

Zone for Trade Helps You Keep Fit

There have been allot of different competitions circulating the internet lately each giving you a chance to explore one aspect of your being. Well this one is a little different. To help circulate and spread the concept of healthy living Zone for Trade and Power Plate Egypt have combined forces in a competition dubbed How […]

It’s a World of Models

No, I’m not talking about fashion models, I’m talking about physical ones (still not talking about fashion models). The whole world witnessed the Red Bull Stratos jump by Felix Baumgartner a couple of weeks back, well they have revamped it, but in LEGO! Check out the video below! You gotta love this stuff: – Another […]

Lance Armstrong Given the Boot By Nike

Oh Lance the whole world was rooting for you and praying that you actually weren’t doping! Why must you shatter our dreams? After USADA brought to light the mountain of evidence against the biker, Nike and the world have turned their back on the superstar athlete. Nike released a statement saying: “Due to the seemingly […]