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As more cities never sleep, we’re ahead of the beat to make sure you know about the hottest parties, concerts, corporate events and more. Nomads of the world, fear not: We keep you in the loop from the insiders who know best.

Ramadan Reviewed….Thus Far

Ramadan tents, Ramadan menus, Ramadan offers, Ramadan venues… Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan! How is it possible to find time to go to all of these places?! It is very likely that some turn out to be disappointing, totally different than the pictures posted all over Facebook and other websites. There are places that definitely exceed your expectations and meet […]

British Airways Presents Park Live @ the Olympic Park

  During the Games, ‘Park Live Presented by British Airways’ is the only place at the Olympic Park where spectators can watch the action on giant LED screens, and see the athletes interviewed on the BA Stage. The winged Captains will bring entertainment to some 10,000 visitors at Park Live daily. (Saturday July 28) was […]

Abdel Wahab Meets Farid El Atrash

We are firm believers that Ramadan and old school entertainment go hand in hand and Abdel Wahab (33 Abou El Feda, Zamalek) have seemed to figure out that mix. After bringing the likes of Abdel Halim to sing, then Om Kalthoum this Tuesday the 31st of July (tomorrow) Farid El Atrash will be making a […]

Grizzly Eat-ertainment

Tonight is the night, where Abo (better known as the other half of the Mariam & Abo duo) will be opening up Grizzly’s latest installment of Eat-ertainment! Good music (check), Local talent (check), stomach filling food for sehour (check). What more can anyone be looking for to end a long Ramadan day? Event starts at […]

Y- Lounge Reviewed

Thrown all the way across the world, I was able to grab one quick week of Ramadan loving with my best friends and family in Cairo. In this week, we’ve managed to make our way to a different Ramadan kheima each night. Last night we tried Ganz’s Y Lounge. Having spent my college years in […]

Mawaweel: A CJC Production

We all need an alternative to the Kheyam and typical Ramadan outings (keep in mind it’s only been 6 days and we are already bored!) Cairo Jazz has come to the rescue! This Ramadan Cairo Jazz Club Agency has organized Mawaweel 2012 Festival at Darb 1718 Contemporary Arts and Culture Center. Mawaweel, is Cairo’s alternative […]

Sing For Me Abdel Halim

We all reminisce about the days when Abdel Halim used to sing for us and theater used to be our outing, ahh the Golden Days! (Ok fine I’m bullshitting, I may be too young to remember any of that, but looks like an era that truly new class and grandeur) Abdel Wahab located at 33 […]

Tents Galore Pt. II

And you guys probably thought yesterday’s list of Ramadan Tents to hit up was it!!! Let us introduce you to round two of places to try out this Ramadan! Meet Ramadana! Every year it sets up shop in a new place, last year it was the Terrace, this year Tamarai, created and designed by the […]

Ramadan Tents Galore

It really scares us how time has flown, where has the summer gone, how has this year sped by so fast, why it was only yesterday when we were 21 (Ok shhh, let us revel in that fantasy for awhile) Well with time flying, Ramadan is knocking on our door, and all our favorite tents […]

Visa @ The First Mall

Visa and First Mall threw a VIP soiree last night to celebrate a year-long partnership which will offer Visa cardholders special promotions and discounts at First Mall retail outlets and restaurants for the next 12 months.  Cairo’s banking big-wigs were joined by First Mall regulars and some of the city’s sassy socialites and media entrepreneurs […]

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