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As more cities never sleep, we’re ahead of the beat to make sure you know about the hottest parties, concerts, corporate events and more. Nomads of the world, fear not: We keep you in the loop from the insiders who know best.

ID Takes You Places: White, Beirut

It’s no secret how amazing Beirut is, and it definitely is no secret how hot White is in Beirut, being one of the hottest spots there and all! Well what do you get when you send Egypt’s premium Vodka and some lucky Egyptian winners off to the City that knows how to party? Pandaemonium! ID […]

Dancing Monkey @ White Club

Every once in awhile something comes along and creates quite a stir online! Well this is just one of those things! Have you heard of club White? (You probably haven’t) I have because I unfortunately work in the industry and I’m forced to have to know these things! Having never stepped foot in the place, […]

Summa In The Citayyyyyy

  Ok peeps, so we all have officially come to terms with the fact that summer has blessed us with its presence… are we still a little confused about our weekend destinations.. Maybe…. But as for every second wednesday the boys @EventRepublic have brought back yet another season of the successful “In The City” nights […]

Ashibah + Tito = Mind Blown @ Nacelle

If anything it looks like this Duo just work together! Tito (one of the main men behind the Nacelle night) and Ashibah one of the quickest rising DJ’s and artists in the industry have chemistry! Why do i say that, because i’ve seen them play together, i’ve heard them lay down tracks together (shhh no1’s […]

Summer Sessions at Amici – Part Deux

As politics suffocate us left, right and center, people are looking for a way to let out all that unwanted stress! Well of course Amici everyone’s favorite local bar has something going on pretty much every night! From the Euro matches to DJ’s, and this Tuesday none other than Ahmed Shawky will stand behind the […]

Sandwiches & Jams – The Finale

Healthy, chilled & lazy Saturday musical gatherings! Good friends ~ Cool music ~ Great food ~ Healthy cocktails In the last episode of the Sandwiches & Jams series of events hosted by Popsicle, minus T and Tamer Auf, will be taking over the DJ Duties, to make sure your weekend ends on the right note! WE […]

Sandwiches & Jams Part Deux

June 2nd marks a huge day in history! Oh crap, no really it does, Mubarak’s trials are tomorrow! Well we all know everyone wants to escape that…so why not head out to Sandwhiches and Jams, the newest underground, indie im too cool and hipster’ish event to hit Cairo (and i say that with no sarcasm) […]

24 Hour Ban on Tobacco in Dubai

Dubai Municipality is banning the sale of tobacco products for 24 hours in the entire emirate in coherence with the World No Tobacco Day on Thursday, May 31. World No Tobacco Day is an annual event that takes place on May 31 much like Earth Day. It is meant to encourage a 24-hour period of […]

Ouzo Hits Y Lounge

Not actually physically hit the place..but you catch our drift! Now if you haven’t gone to the new and improved Y Lounge previously known as Yasso, we say your missing out on some fantastic upgrades! Me being a shisha addict, i have to give props to the shisha bar, which i have not come across […]

House Sessions with Nacelle

Tomorrow Nacelle’s House Sessions are back with the musical wizard Aly B behind the decks at their newest location Opium. House Sessions is the club night in Cairo for serious house music fans. The distinct crowd and vibe make it a unique place in Cairo to discover what real house music is about and truly dance […]