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The Day Has Come!

A year and a half of heartache, excitement, political highs and lows, voting, and protests, we have finally come to the day in which we will have our first post – revolution President named! As everyone sits counting the hours down, waiting to hear the announcement, we pray for the best! If you voted Shafik […]

Makani/Burger Joint/Sit Hosneya/Zo in Diplo

So we all know the popular quad dining experience of Makani, Burger Joint, Sit Hosneya and Zo. Well adding to their highly frequented branch in Marina (Sahel), they’ve decided to take top open up a new branch in the Diplo Village entrance with a shack-style venue for the beach attired customer in the North Coast. […]

Bassem Youssef Meets Jon Stewart

Egypt’s very own Jon Stewart (Bassem Youssef) met the real Jon Stewart last night, and hilarity ensued! Check out the interview between the twins, and we must say it was actually quite entertaining.  LINK: We Said This: Who knew Bassem Youssef was a Heart Surgeon? Scoop TeamSelect Staff Writers from the Scoop Empire Team

El Villa Beach Club Arrives

  You know summer is here when all the hot Sahel venues start popping up. Well meet the new brainchild of Pub 28 & Amici; EL VILLA, located at Bianchi on the beach. What is the concept you ask, a plush Villa on the sea overlooking the Mediteranean bringing you both the old school ambiance […]

Soopar Lux Plays With Nacelle

Today the mighty boys & girls behind Nacelle, team up with Soopar Lux and Aly B, for one hell of a Wednesday! We aren’t going to blab on too much, we only have one thing to say, with all the stress and pressure everyone is under use this as an outlet! Good music, drinks, and […]

Shafik to Run for President

Ex-Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafik, has been approved to run for president when Egypt’s constitutional court ruled against a law that would have thrown him out of the race, today. The court also declared that some of the rules in a parliamentary election that ended earlier this year and which handed control to Islamists were unconstitutional. […]


The 100 Live Electronic Music Festival is finally back once again, with a new lineup of international and local artists who will be performing sets that will take you to another high.  This is an annual event that is organized by 100COPIES MUSIC, which is a Cairo-based music label that aims to create a platform […]

House Sessions with Nacelle

Tomorrow Nacelle’s House Sessions are back with the musical wizard Aly B behind the decks at their newest location Opium. House Sessions is the club night in Cairo for serious house music fans. The distinct crowd and vibe make it a unique place in Cairo to discover what real house music is about and truly dance […]

Egypt’s Final Candidates

It has been confirmed. The presidential elections final candidates are ex-prime minister, Ahmed Shafik and the Muslim Brotherhood’s, Mohamed Morsi. After a hearing for forged ballots, the results remain the same. We at Scoop only hope for the best for Egypt and you in taking the decision for who you feel will be the best […]

The Presidential Picture Book

So this is not an opinion peace, no need to be all sensitive. Ladies and gentleman today and yesterday were historic days for Egypt, for 30 years our fate has been decided for us over and over again, but not today, today is the day were we choose our own fate, well you and 85 […]