Coast82 May Have Just Changed the Sahel Game Forever


Hyde Park Developments have just announced everything we need to know about Sahel’s new majestic realm: Coast82. There are several reasons why Coast82 is hands down the North Coast’s most promising residential community and luxury hotel. Coast82 offers what no other Sahel residential project offers. Indeed, Coast82 will elevate what we ought to expect from Egypt’s Northern Coast. Why, you ask? Here’s why.


To begin with, Coast82 introduced a unique master plan that’s different than any other project in Sahel; the oasis valley concept! The boring design of units compiled in a line or a U shape has been officially replaced with a more beautifully complex design. They utilized the already existing naturally occurring valleys, formulating a cohesive green way network.



These green valleys are to be an iconic and dynamic landscape statement. This will guarantee that all units – with their different sizes – have a magical view. Thus, all villas, chalets, and apartments provide spaces for refuge and rejuvenation. Coast82 did not disregard integrating Arabic elements in a modern look, when it came to design. The innovation will not be limited to stunning scenery and exceptional designs. Coast82 is also introducing a new concept, when it comes to staff housing and storage areas.


Coast82 is not your ordinary Sahel village; Coast82 is a luxurious resort destination. This is because its beach clubhouse is managed by their luxury 5-star hotel. This means that residents and visitors are in for  a comfortable and unique experience.



Given all this, Coast82 is an absolutely unparalleled Sahel investment, and we were delighted to here that Coast82 established a new sales center located in Platform Sahel, ensuring that all clients can easily access them.



WE SAID THIS: The superiority of Coast82 is nothing alien to the extraordinary projects owned, developed, and operated by Hyde Park Developments.