Here is Everything You Need to Consider Before You Shift Careers

Selecting the career path that you will pursue is a more challenging prospect nowadays, than it was say 15 years ago. This is largely because our generation is one that has access to more information and knowledge than all previous generations. This consequently means that we are a generation that is much more likely going to be exposed and have access to all possible career options availabln.

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Social media and the Internet have made us explore great – and possibly unconventional – career paths; career paths that at times may stir us away from the disciplines of study that we studied at university. All this makes us think at the very least, and seriously contemplate all these options.

If you do decide to select a career path that will stir you from the discipline your studied in university, you will face a few struggles. Firstly, you will weigh out whether or not it is fair to waste all those years that you spent studying a particular discipline. Moreover, the risk of selecting a career path, without having had enough education and/or academic knowledge that pertains to this career is a scary prospect to say the least. There are ways around this, however, as you can get career coaching that can both boost your confidence and knowledge in your new career.

Secondly, if and when you do finally to go for the said career shift, you will definitely feel frustrated, upon realizing that all the vacancies that you’re applying for require a lot of degrees and certificates pertaining to the field.

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Your third struggle will surely come, when you finally land that job. Get used to being surrounded by people who inevitable know more than you do, about the field in question. Indeed, you will start to work with people that already know what they are doing, or at least have a base line understanding of the given field given their educational background in it. You will feel like you are the odd one in the room, always left out.


Change is never easy. Change is always scary, but sooner or later you will have to learn that being a risk taker is necessary. Even if you fail once, twice, or thrice, it is alright. I would much rather have failed whilst attempting something new, then have an average life – one that is clear of dramatic success or extreme failure – just because I am too afraid to take a risk.

WE SAID THIS : Career Shifts are a leap of faith, but you will never know, if you don’t try.