Egyptian Man Shares His Two Cents on Avoiding Being Cheated On By Your Husband

Infidelity is every girlfriend, fiancee and wife’s nightmare. You can be married to the most loyal and decent man, and still get the shock of your life by finding out about a mistress or another wife years later. No one is safe, women or even men.



Let’s not forget how husbands reacted last Ramadan when they saw countless fictional women cheating on TV. The harsh reality, which entails women cheating just as easily, was a slap in the face to many men in denial. Ismail Fouad Kassem has been posting videos for over a year, tackling different social taboos and misconceptions. The guy has made a huge fan base.


In his latest video, Kassem discussed every woman’s greatest fear: cheating husbands. We have to admit his take on the issue is quite interesting. Women have been hearing and reading about the importance of a healthy sexual relationship for ages, but to hear it coming out of a young married man is different. He gives us the harsh brutal truth when it comes to men and how their system works.


As much as women might hate the fact that they might feel responsible for being cheated on after watching this, his reasons are valid and realistic. The video targets the generic man with a healthy mindset, in a healthy relationship; not pathological cheaters and players. Regardless who is responsible for what, we consider this video as one of Kassem’s most enlightening offerings.



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