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IRG Catering Tasting Gathering

We had the pleasure to witness a relaxed and private set up where fellow online and media print members showed up to sample a selection of items from the IRG Catering menu. Both Marketing and PR Manager and Catering Manager at IRG as well as Mark Khalife, Managing Director, Were present to walk us through […]

Plant your Soul

So, are you guys ready for an arabic indie, pop/electro psychedelic trip? For all you hipsters out there, check this out: this awesome collaboration of Lebanese and Egyptian artists, Zeid Hamdan and Maryam, are performing in Egypt for the very first time.  Zeid Hamdan is the producer behind many arabic trip-hop musicians and bands, such as […]

Plans for Dinner?

Do you spend your day at work, constantly thinking about what you’ll have for lunch or dinner? Well, let me be the one to help you out this week. On Tuesday, June 5, Y-Lounge is collaborating with Lou’s Food Corner, providing you with a scrumptious dinner, alongside live entertainment.  Not only will you be enjoying […]

Future Shorts Film Festival – Spring Season 2012

If you haven’t heard, Future Shorts Film Festival is back with the Spring Season! Are you into indie shorts, live music and art? Check out the Future Shorts Film Festival for a full scoop. The festival is currently taking place in 150 cities and 60 countries, showcasing a diverse program of the most exciting short films […]

UMF Presents: Rock Stop

The Underground Music Federation is celebrating the launch of its partner Discord Music Magazine, by hosting what is probably the biggest Rock concert of the year, “Rock Stop”. First of all, in case you haven’t heard, Mashrou3 Leila are performing in Cairo on May 18th. So many people are pumped about that, but they don’t […]

Awesome Magazine Presents: Incendies

Ok, so you know how movie theaters are really not worth going to anymore? I mean, rarely do you find people who get hyped up about going to the movies. I’d personally rather have a movie night at home. But check this out: Awesome Magazine is starting out the month with an awesome screening, at […]

Art Therapy Sessions at Sufi Bookstore

  The unconscious is a very interesting part of the psyche. The term was originally invented by Sigmund Freud to describe a state of mind that is not acquainted with consciousness. All humans are driven by their unconsciousness in one way or another, but it’s not always easy to make sense of how it works. […]

The AUC SHARJAH ART GALLERY Presents, “Senses” // Senior Student Exhibition

April was long, but it already looks like May is going to be quite eventful.  The AUC Sharjah Art Gallery is ending the spring semester with its 2012 annual senior project exhibition, “Senses”.  The exhibition will feature the work of 23 art students through different mediums, ranging from painting to performing and visual art.  The […]