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Q&A: ByPapousa’s Maha Shoukry

Q&A: ByPapousa’s Maha Shoukry

Maha Shoukry creates bespoke furniture which she hand paints in her 6th October studio. She has been taking creative courses her whole life and is finally applying everything she has learned on her products. Vintage, baroque, distressed, floral, dip dyed – a tangible combo of the Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy images we all have archived […]

Dikotomous Feature!

We started off in August 2012 known as Project XX., the goal was being able to complete 25 canvases in 30 days, while updating you all on Scoop Empire daily regarding our progress. The XX Project – Meet the Ladies We thought we would conclude Project XX. by inviting our Scoop followers to an event, […]

Project XX. – Judgement Day

This is our final post to you, so listen carefully. Dom on an easter egg hunt and Kenzie threatening to jump off the ledge of Mori Sushi. We are feeling somewhat like Anne Frank, hidden away. Not specifically in hiding, but residing in the bosom of our dear whaling sister Kimmy, who has taken it […]

Project XX. – Artists VS. Demons

The past two days have been spent in a whirlwind of activity, reaching a dramatic crescendo and then slumping to a calming after birth. Kenzie and Dom have finally cut themselves off from their nurturing umbilical cord called Papousa, and are establishing their Miss Independence by prowling for a new studio, Will Smith-Pursuit of happyness […]

Project XX. – Spa Weekend

Another weekend we managed to scramble through, feeling crisp and fresh. The mud mask Dom found in the bathroom cupboard and applied to facilitate the post weekend detox regime  has made her face so taught a single flick could puncture her gazelle like features. That’s Armenian skin for you. Kenzie started off our work week […]

Project XX. – Kenzie’s Hero

Aug 29 – Today Kenzie had an experience that changed her life forever. She fit into her 13 year old cousins bra.. Ok fine just jk-ing. That event did not change her life. Her ultimate judgement day arrived last night, by pure spontaneous action; She met her fantasy idol, a famous artist who has chosen […]

Project XX – Viva La Resistance!

Remember how we said we finished Metamorphosis? Dom that fighter is refusing to leave it alone. Dom let’s have lunch.. NEIN. Dom let’s go out… NEIN. You would think her Papa was a German Warrior. Kenzie even threatened to invite a priest she had heard of that lives nearby to perform an exorcism on both […]

Projet XX – Preaching Wedgie

We have finally finished metamorphosis. Who were we kidding? It was a pain in the ass + there are no underlying sexual tones. Originally this was because Dom had a disturbing thought that led us to ponder the possibility that we are being tailed by the new and improved MB Mukhabarat, which prevented us from […]

The Project XX “Aug 27 – The Hijack”

Today we continue with the metamorphosis we have been diligently working on. The intricate detail has made this piece as time consuming as the ceilings of the Vatican. Kenzie being the flight, in fight or flight has decided to abandon ship and move onto our newest creation. Dominique the fighter, persists, outlines & shades, her […]

Project XX – The Weekend – Silent Snatch

We have taken 2 days off to participate in enhancing Papousa’s career (‘I believe in u girlfran style) and learn ginseng jujitsu to make up for our cardio hiatus. After this eat pray love experience we then began an MC Escher inspired piece;   To continue about our journey to support Papousa, we flocked to […]