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Mohamed Adeeb won't bother you with trivial things about himself. He doesn't need to tell you that he was born in London, England. Or that he's a Film-Maker who has directed two shorts films. Or that he still believes that there is still hope for humanity. Or that he really hates it when people never say thank you after you hold the elevator door for them. No, he won't bother you with any silly details about his life. He's not that pretentious. All he wants to do is ask you one question that he's never been able to answer: How do you slam a revolving door?

Dubai to Have Its First Robot Police Officer in May 2017

Dubai to Have Its First Robot Police Officer in May 2017

by Mohamed Rashed

  Dubai has just announced to launch Robot Police Officers by the year 2020. The surprise, however, was doubled when Gulf News announced that the first Robot police officer will join the Dubai police force in May 2017!   It is also expected that by 2030 the RoboCops will make up to 25% of Dubai’s police […]

We Are a Generation of Culture Killers

I can prove the headline above with the two examples below. Note: Each one is a quote from an Egyptian film. Example A: “Ya monyat al nafsee da2emat al khaledah Ya 2onsolat al kalb fe kol zaman we makan. Mahma we mahma nakaltee, 3endama yowshoko al korso al a7mar… fa 2ozkoreenee” – From Bain El […]