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Jackie Khoury, a.k.a JKpinkie, is this unconventional little thing going around scribbling doodles and thoughts about everything and anyone. Her motto in life is: " I see the world through Pink colored glasses", while her articles are the funniest shade of dark sarcasm.

Where Are the Design Critiques in this Country?

Someone once told me that “there are two types of people in this world: consumers and producers” – Tarik Habib But I would add designers, the ones who combine both the knowledge of a producer and the sheer pleasure of a consumer, making the relationship work. “So why do Egyptian upcoming designers intend to piss […]

The Egyptian Business Etiquette

*This is not about dress codes or body language or emails and meetings. It is most certainly not a set of laws in favor of particular roles in the office, far from offering you a guide to the bargaining table and is not supported by any statistics.   Unique to the world, our Egyptian office […]