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Jackie Khoury, a.k.a JKpinkie, is this unconventional little thing going around scribbling doodles and thoughts about everything and anyone. Her motto in life is: " I see the world through Pink colored glasses", while her articles are the funniest shade of dark sarcasm.

Parenting in Egypt: A Daughter’s Message to the World

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.” – Khalil Gibran Parents seem to believe they know more than their children do. Logically, they are older […]

Up Close and Personal: Unemployed, Educated, Egyptian and Female

Up Close and Personal: Unemployed, Educated, Egyptian and Female

“What is happening to me?” Or rather, “to us?” – an existential lifetime crisis. I work, therefore, I am. Those are my post-capitalism feelings and doubts, I suppose – or post-employment, I dare say. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a week off of work and now I don’t remember when […]

Women and Multi-tasking: An Office Comedy

Women and Multi-tasking: An Office Comedy

Rocketing Bureau Productivity, Cairo 2013

As Karim sits at his cubicle, he is approached by his management team: Bassem, Amal and Hani. Bassem is the chairman and marches ahead of the group. Karim is tense and this looks serious. He knows there have been lay offs. “Karim we have to talk,” says Bassem. “Is everything OK, Bassem?” says Karim. “Karim, […]

Virtual Wake Up Call – The Gabr-Pinkie Series

Pinkie sat at her friend Zee’s dining table with her huge ass GMAT books, scrap paper, and a newly purchased art pencil laid out in front after attempting to solve yet another math problem almost ripping her already messed up hair out from it’s very roots. Zee’s place has become her solace; the only place […]

Film Review: Wadjda

When the rules don’t fit Find the courage To follow your own Wadjda, Saudi Arabia’s first full-length feature by a female director, made it’s world premiere at the 2012 Venice Film Festival and was selected as the Saudi Arabian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, marking the first time […]

Facebook Harvardeers And Garbage Alexandreers

Gabr residence, 1:00 AM; over 24 hours passed this article’s deadline. Amira Gabr – simply, known as “Gabr” – is bashing (as always) Jackie Khoury’s – a.k.a “Pinkie” – essay-writing capabilities for her MBA application. Gabr paces the room with a cigarette in hand (again, as always) arguing her case, while Pinkie lies on bed pouting with eyes glued to her laptop screen hardly even listening. GABR: (In […]

Cairo Confessions

Do you really care about the Egyptian youth? Eh? You do? Go on Facebook and search for “Cairo Confessions“. You’ll either find it funny or really, really sad. One of my private vices (slash guilty pleasures) and secret way of dealing with low-energy moments, depression or shit hitting my fan, is www.fmylife.com. This site is […]


I had a friend. My friend is dead “There shall be blood”  Such was a promise Fulfilled till the end Over and over again Whose fault is this? Blood and more blood Religion and politics Money and power Money and more money BURN Does anyone read anything? Wait what was it? Ah the crusades! Genocides […]

La crème de la crème de l’harcèlement

Note: I will not disclose the identity of the persons involved, despite the torment they cause. They’re the only ones who can acknowledge their own identities, while my phone acknowledges their threats. It started when I was 17; I had been working at the fashion retail industry for a year and was saving up for […]

Private Hospitals in Egypt

Is it a hospital? A clinic? A day care center? An apartment? Maybe it’s a butcher house? Would you send your pet there? I’d rather not. Having slaved at one of Egypt’s largest private healthcare institutions, my sharp observations led me to the conclusion that the public is clueless about health care. We are aware […]