Your Ultimate Guide to Having a Productive Ramadan Under Lockdown

One might think that getting through Ramadan while on lockdown is the hardest thing to do. To maintain your mental and physical health is very important, while at the same time one must perform the holy month’s rituals that vary between praying, fasting, and most importantly reflecting on one’s self.

While things may be tough, try to look on the bright side; being in lockdown could help you put things into perspective. With mosques being closed and many families separated, sometimes we need the time alone to practice spiritual reflection, set goals of what you’d like to achieve over the coming year, and spend some quality time with your family. Make sure to Facetime and contact your relatives and friends during this month to catch up and make sure that they’re doing well. It’s always a good way to take your mind off things for an hour or so.

Most importantly try to keep in mind why you are fasting. With such a difficult time that everyone is going through, try not to overshop yourself into panic mode and start buying with others in mind, so that other families can have the chance to get what they need as well. It’s important to remember not to be wasteful. 

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Remember to be generous and give out your Zakat. Donating to charities can also be fun! Make some time to create Ramadan advent style boxes that are pre-filled with treats and donate them to your community’s charity. A small act of kindness can go a long way.

It should go without saying the importance of your mental and physical health during Ramadan should not be overlooked. Remember to eat healthier, try to exercise every day, even if only for a few minutes, and give your mind a break. Be mindful of your electronics usage and try to enjoy a blissful month. Stay positive and be grateful that we got a chance to live through another Ramadan.

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