Your Complete Guide to Out of the Box Cakes in Cairo


I’m the kind of person who is always on the look out for new cake ideas. Every year, all of my family and friends’ birthdays, or any other occasion, are my number one priority when it comes to how and where to celebrate. I just love organizing the whole thing from A to Z. And of course, the most important part is to find the most unique, yet simple, cake to celebrate the occasion in an extra special way.

Luckily, we live in a city that literally offers anything that pops into your head 24/7! So, in order for you to make your loved one’s special day unique enough for them to remember it throughout the rest of the year, here’s a list of creative cake ideas and where to get them from in Cairo.

Sushi Cake

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Instead of ordering sushi, next time order a sushi cake! Since I’m a huge sushi fan, this is extremely exciting; it’s literally the discovery of the year for me. Order your next birthday cake from Fuego in Zamalek, or Sakura Sushi in Maadi.

Pizza Cake

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It’s a multi-layered pizza that is baked in a cake pan or a pot. Vinny’s Pizzeria is probably the only place around that offers delicious pizza cakes. You should go and enjoy it with your group of friends next time you’re in Maadi!

Salmon Cake

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Dukes in Maadi makes the most delicious smoked salmon cakes around town! So simple and light textured, it literarily melts in your mouth. Sedra located in Ard El-Golf also offers fresh and flavorful salmon cakes. Keep in mind that you need to order it ten hours in advance.

Pasta Cake

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Pasta can also be a cake! There are many places around Cairo that are famous for making the best pasta. At Desouky and Soda, you’ll find the biggest pasta tajine ever! The huge pot is filled with penne pasta, sausage, topped with layers of melted mozzarella cheese. This place has two branches; one in Maadi and the other in Dokki.

Waffle Cake

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Waffle cakes are now a trendy treat for every occasion, and luckily Wafflicious is your place to go to. The place, located in Degla in Maadi, offers both KitKat and strawberry flavored waffle cakes that are to die for! I think it can be a perfect choice if you’re looking to enjoy a unique celebration.

Lemon Loaf Cake

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It’s the supremely moist, light, and flavorful cake! Lemon loaf cakes are the best choice to have a unique, yet simple, birthday or any other occasion. You can pick up your next lemon cake from Four Fat Ladies located in Maadi; they offer loaf cakes with flavors including lemon, as well as honey and nut. Also, I recommend Bread and Butter; it’s located in Dokki, they have the best lemon cake with poppy seeds.

Dirt Cake

Via: The Cultural Trip

Of course, Dukes is your go-to for such a choice! Perhaps when you first hear the cake’s name it might not sound very tempting, but trust me, they’re the most delicious, mouthwatering cakes around town in my opinion. The place is located in Maadi and it’s a must try!

Macaron Cake

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Macaron towers are usually breathtaking on every occasion. Looking like a piece of art with all the colorful macarons, it can be the perfect centerpiece for your party! You can order it from The Batter Half and Co.; they offer the coolest and most artistically decorated ones!

Kunafa with Mango Cake

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It’s a very popular dessert during Ramadan! For the past four years, people have been trying out different recipes and flavors on Kunafa making it more delicious than it already is! You can go and pick up your Kunafa with mango this Ramadan from Mandarine Koueider; this place has been in town for generations, and this one is definitely worth trying from any of Koueider’s many outlets.

Zalabia Cheesecake

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I know, it sounds very weird. We do enjoy Zalabya, Kunafa, chocolate, and cheesecake as much as any normal person, but separately! However, someone decided to combine all of them together, and it’s surprisingly good. You can find it at Coppermelt.

WE SAID THIS:  There’s no sincerer love than the love of food!

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