Acculab Partners With Egypt PCR Portal Offering Travelers Approved COVID-19 RT-PCR tests

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 global pandemic and its subsequent variants, life, as we know it, was never the same. Difficult as it may sound, we tried to adapt, to move forward, but how could we, when the idea of sickness haunts us like a recurring nightmare? Traveling, for instance, has been particularly difficult, with most passengers torn between the expensive airline tickets they had just bought and the fear of not being able to find a quick, reliable and internationally-recognized lab accrediting them for travel on time. If you are in Egypt, and you happen to have this problem, Acculab and Egypt PCR Portal could bring this nightmare to an end.

Inspiren Technology Lab, a technology and automation company that pioneers in providing its users with state-of-the-art digital solutions, is collaborating with Acculab, a pioneering lab in the region, in a strategic partnership to provide travelers with fast, reliable travel-approved COVID-19 RT-PCR tests.

Developed and managed by Inspiren Technology Lab, Egypt PCR Portal has access to more than 230 labs across Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Ukraine. With such an extensive network, the portal aims to simplify the whole process of traveling during the time of the pandemic.

The new partnership between Inspiren Technology Lab and Acculab is offering travelers the chance to book premium, internationally-recognized COVID-19 RT-PCR tests, with QR-coded results reports issued within two to four hours from the time of sample collection.

Acculab, from Ibn Hayan Health Group, is a state-of-the-art medical laboratory equipped with pioneering diagnostic technology and follows the highest standard protocols in quality assurance, making them a remarkable choice for Egypt PCR Portal customers. Moreover, it is the only JCI accredited lab in Egypt, promising its customers an unprecedented level of care precision as well as accuracy.

All Acculab PCR reports have a QR code, which makes it simpler for airlines and airport officials to quickly verify the reported results. Acculab’s issued reports are recognized by all countries and airlines across the world. With a network of branches all over Cairo, Giza, Beni Seuf, Menufia and North Coast, it provides Express RT-PCR tests service where the results can be issued after four hours of taking the sample.

“We are delighted to partner with Acculab, a leading diagnostics service provider in Egypt. This partnership expands our services and coverage across Egypt. We now offer travel-approved express RT-PCR testing to our travelers, where passengers can get their results in as little as 2 hours of the sample collection, without compromising the quality of testing, and by ensuring the highest levels of quality control and compliance measures.” Said Katim Ali of Inspiren Technology Lab said in a statement.

The reports issued by Egypt PCR Portal and its partners are also accepted and recognized worldwide. Fortunately, this includes countries with specific travel requirements such as the UAE, Kuwait, USA, Canada and all European countries.

In an effort to limit the spread of the virus, Egypt PCR Portal now offers customers RT-PCR test at the convenience of their home or hotel room for a nominal fee; this service limits human contact and reduces long waiting hours at labs.

“We are here to contribute to our local and global community with our testing solutions. Partnering with Egypt PCR Portal puts us ahead in ensuring more people get the test results that they need. Collaborating together means we can better serve the community by providing the best services and highest standards in testing.” Dr. Nesma El Talawy, the Chairwoman of Acculab, stated.

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