Yasmine Yeya’s SS2020 Collection Just Proved That She Really is The Egyptian Queen of Bridal Couture

To become a known fashion designer you need to be aware of what fashion is really about and have a full understanding of the production process of clothes not to mention the undeniable talent and passion to keep you going. Every woman wants to look sensual and we’re here to help you find a designer that can not only inspire you but assist you in finding your perfect gown. This time, Yasmine Yeya is going to be the designer of your dream dress!

Yasmine Yeya is the creative director and founder of Maison Yeya, a Dubai-based brand that specializes in bridal dresses and couture gowns. Yasmine is a very talented Egyptian designer that’s unapologetically owning Cairo’s bridal couture scene, her dresses are so feminine and distinctive making her one of the most in-demand designers around.

Maison Yeya just released their Spring/Summer 2020 collection and the dresses are just jaw-droppingly beautiful; there’s no doubt at all that Yeya really is Egypt’s Queen of Bridal Couture!

For Yasmine, the wedding season goes all year round. In a previous interview with Scoop Empire, Yasmine expressed her thoughts on success “To be a successful designer, it takes more than just talent. It’s a lot of hard work. Becoming a fashion designer is not the job that everyone thinks is full of photoshoots, model fittings and magazine interviews. Not only do you need to be creative, but you also have to be able to deal with people. You have to have great communication skills, be it with your clients or your team. It takes creativity, hard work and the ability to take any punches that are thrown your way and overcome them.”

Yasmine began her career in designing from scratch, building her way up as a professional designer until she dominated the field in her home country and branched out to take on the international fashion scene; we can’t wait to see what Yasmine has in store for the future!

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