Wust El Balad Set to Perform in Abu Dhabi This Month

By Lojain El Shawaf

Our favorite underground boy band Wust El Balad will be performing at the cultural foundation/Abu Dhabi on the 5th of October. Wust El Balad is one of the first soft rock boy bands to emerge in Egypt, with only four albums released, they have gained fame and love amongst Egyptian audiences due to their incomparable talent and different taste in music. Wust El Balad is known for combining traditional Arabic music with some classic Western tunes that led to the creation of different and personalized new tracks.

Hany Adel the lead singer, accompanied by his team will be expanding their fandom in the UAE region by hosting their upcoming concert on the lands of Abu Dhabi. Wust El Balad will be performing some of their hit songs from their latest album, ”Bantalony El Jeans” and other unforgettable tracks they released over 20 years of spreading distinctive art as a band.

WE SAID THIS: UAE fans, you may scream at the top of your lungs now!!